Friday, July 31, 2009


Ok. I have a confession to make

It's addiction. obsession, if you will

I. have.

an unhealthy obsession...

with this lovely, gorgeous lady right here

and I find this horrible "imitation" ....absolutely revolting...

and if I ever meet hilton woman..I will slap her for trying to impersonate such a lovely. humble, beautiful woman. because she clearly is none of these..

I mean who allowed her to do this? who said "sure paris you'd totally be a super-cool audrey hepburn!" someone who clearly has no taste. I mean..loook at her. she just looks..sinister

nevermind. Its just wrong. thats my point-and I had to share
does everyone agree with me on this? should she NOT ever have been allowed to do this???

in other news, today is a GORGEOUS day!

and my fabulous husband sent me flowers for no reason vita e bella!


Kristin said...

blech. PH is just awful. if i never hear about ms. hilton again it would be too soon. Let's just scratch that image of her from our memories!

But, oh my, dear Audrey Hepburn. The epitome of style and class. I love everything about her. ;)

Blicious said...

HAHAHAHAH! i couldnt agree more! sick!!!

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theKcloset said...

LOVE AUDREY. Paris makes me sick! Can we just get rid of her?

Great post & love your blog btw :) xo

Elizabeth said...

Very upsetting, I agree.

Ida Nielsen said...

I agree with every single word! Love, love, love the second picture-stunning! Thanks for your sweet words on my blog ;-)

You Are My Fave said...

I literally said "Ewww" out loud when I scrolled down and saw the picture of Paris. She is the worst.

swimergirl said...

paris is a so ugly why she has a tv show i dont know.
but oh audrey hepburn is beutiful and elegant have yall seen my fair lady im 11 and so obsesed with her. check out jacobs journey yall and pray for him. peace

Cassie Holder said...

I first saw My Fair Lady when I was 11! It is my favorite movie!