Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I won't grow up..

I am currently sitting at the desk of my new job. Yes, I currently have plenty of time to do things such as ..write on a blog I haven't even looked at in months. It's a very exciting position! Just kidding..I will soon be as busy as the rest of em up here at the U of P...but for now, I'm I really like it though, its nice, theres no cursing, no dirty jokes, no smelly bathrooms and fridges(unlike other offices ive worked in..) the people are awesome and i get to watch tv (with no sound most of the time). its great! the worst thing is this darn can be altered and re-configured in every way possible..but for some evil reason, it KILLS my back. I know I'm a wimp, but man... maybe I'm not quite used to sitting down for hours at a time but..It's very uncomfortable

not that anyone needs to hear about my chair woes

My point is, I have a grown-up (sort of ) job. And I like the fact that I have this grown-up (sort of!) job..I feel (even though I do live at home ..and I'm still technically in school. ) I will feel even more adult when I start getting paid for this and can afford things like...gas, food..maybe get my oil changed..that'll be awesome!

until then...
-Cassie Holt , Marketing Coordinator, pre-Student Services Coordinator

afterthought..I decided that my life goal is to work backstage at the WAC or with a traveling show...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rice Advice- READ!!

This is a long one guys!

Last summer while aimlessly wandering through our local Christian bookstore, I ran across this CD by Chris Rice. And by ran across I mean I just happened to notice the ginormous display they had for his new CD (And with good reason!)

Now, I love Chris Rice, but up until this point, my Rice CD collection consisted of two cds...Both wonderful CDs, I love the man..don't get me wrong, but none of them....NO Cd for that matter, has ever immediately touched me like this one..

"What a Heart is Beating For"

and heres why..

Being a loyal Rice fan, I picked up this new Cd.. and listened to number 1. sounds good..pretty up beat for my taste but what do you expect..oh, he used the term "sleepy" again..he likes that..silly man

Then I get to #2. ..I would have loved to see my face after hearing their too-short excerpt of that song..It was like the answer to exactly what I had been struggling with!. amazing. Thanks Chris! So I bought it..because of #2..not hearing the whole thing. got in my car, turned to it..cried like a baby....a little bit


anyway,since then its been my absolute favorite CD...
There are just so many..wonderful phrases stuffed into this little disc.
So I'm going to share with you now, Some wisdom..from Chris-to me- to you..

the *'d ones are my two favorites..they're amazing and I could listen to them over and over..quite frequently do

1.Having a bad day? Nothing going right? are you being a "Debbie Downer"?
just think to yourself..

"So much for my sad song
so much for my sorry attitude.
Lets make this a love song instead cause I'm so in love with you..
no time for tears, I'm wearin a smile.. "

and you'll feel great!

*2. Relationships getting you down? Trying to sort out all those tiny, painful details of love? over thinking absolutely everything??? well..

"Leave it alone,
don't analyze cause love be your lullaby
but love can be your hurricane too.
And love can take your breath away..
but love can leave you lonely
and oh, whats a heart to do?
Why be afraid no reason to hide
take a chance put it ALL on the line..
draw in a deep breath and throw open the door..
cause thats what a heart is beating for.."

..amazing isn't it?

3. Ok, no more silly scenarios..just read them ..please?

"why are you lookin at me that way?
pointing your finger, shaking your head..
how bout some love along the way instead?
Pardon my dust..
excuse this mess.
I've made some mistakes,
so I've done quite a few things wrong.
Could you roll up your tight sleeves
and help a brother along.
pardon my dust, and I'll pardon yours"

It takes my breath, its come to this,
we all bleed red you cant resist
the changing winds the roaring tide,
come on get on the winning side..
love is gonna break through...

and my heart pounds with the thunder,
and I stop and wonder..
what should we do with life's surprises?
everyday the sun rises on us..
like a swingset in a graveyard..
like a bloom in the desert sands..
look at my trembling
hands cause it hits me like lightning that love must keep
and somehow..every time is gonna break through


If everyone will take the step
Back away and count to ten
Clear your mind and start again
We won’t have to yell
Draw your lines and choose your side
Many things are worth the fight
But louder doesn't make you right
You don't have to yell

Here we are together
I never would have guessed it
Baby, there's a reason
And Baby, there's a message
'Cause we've all seen the glories
And we've all heard love stories
Stranger than this

*7.Honestly this is the happiest song..ever..I love it so much.. so I"ll give you MOST of the lyrics..its a it..figure it out and smile

So go ahead and ask her
for happy ever after
cause nobody knows whats coming
so why not take a chance on loving :D

Now take your time to answer me

For the beauty of romancing
Is to calm your trembling hand with mine
While begging love to fill your eyes
I can hardly breathe while waiting
To find out what your heart is saying...
and as we're swirling in this flavor
the world is tilting in our favor.

I’ve got it made

Rest in the shade
And hold my love
While God above
Stirs with a spoon
We share the moon
Smile at the bees
More sugar please
He really loves us after all
We’re gonna need another straw!

Cause life gave me lemonade
and I can't imagine why

born on a sunny day beneath a tangerine sky
i live life without pretending
i'm a sucker for happy endings
thanks for the lemonade :D

9. Wonderful love song..

Love, you snuck up behind me
I thought I was hiding, but oh, how I fell for you
My heart beats double inside me
As I learn to love and say my prayers for two
The dreams behind these things I'm asking

Now if the whole world goes wrong
I'll don a cape and fly to your rescue

I love you
How can I say
I love you
Let the words escape..

10. Playfully done ..very profound message

We've all been broken, but now we're doin' just fine
Cause nobody's good enough, and up here we're all the same.
We all get to heaven under Someone Else's name!

12. I so feel this one..

Have we all forgotten who we are?

When did we all grow up and lose our heart?
We gave up our innocence and energy
Remember how we used to be
When we were young and running free

Okay, everyone get outside and play
Give the sun a chance to kiss your face
Oh, let's play chase, and let's pretend, yeah
C'mon, grab another hand and skip along
Laugh the way we did when we were young
C'mon, c'mon, let's all be kids again

Go ride your bike, go climb a tree

Lunchboxes, crayons, tire swings
Jump with a friend into the creek
And hey, you might just skin your knee
Make time for catching fireflies
Lie in the grass, smile at the sky
Don't be afraid to laugh or cry
More bedtime prayers, more asking why

well thats all I got ...go to his website

listen to these songs! and maybe even invest in the cd! It really is worth it

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


yep. I'm being taunted. no seriously folks..
Surely its just the season...surely

but check it

a list ( yay lists!) of recent happenings taunting me about ..marriage????

  1. Knitting website update 'bout a month ago, advertising knitted wedding gifts and a conglomoration of wedding stories by knitters, knitted dresses..etc

  2. Knitting website (same week) #2 special item of the garter thingy..honestly? weird

  3. I am introduced to this Ms Holt..he asks me ..if I'm Mrs Holders daughter..a teacher at his school

  4. Every effin time i get on facebook theres an add for an engagement ring

  5. One of those pop-up ads on facebook that has to do with ..something about you (thats on your facebook..intersets..something I dont know how they do it..) saying "congratulations on your wedding!" missed something

  6. ..I say to one of my best friends "I have something important to tell you.." she says, quite passivly" you're engaged..wheres the ring?" ( I then proceeded to tell her I had given up coke)

  7. Today..browsing aimlessly through the NOVELS in Hastins..find this book about "before you get engaged" or somethign clever like that just BEGGING me to pick it up, carry it shamelessly to the register, and purchase the crap outa that sucker( until i looked at the double diget number not agreeing with my budget on the back of the book)

  8. Every freaking person I run into asks "when are you getting married???"

  9. Picked up a normal, everyday hair-cut-picker-outer-magazine..this issues cuts!

lets more ( did I mention I like even lists?)


10. The room I'm currently staying in at someone elses house has a large wooden chest at the foot of the stairs. piled high on top of it ? stacks and stacks of bridal magazines (only ONE of which is mine..actually..mine and another girls)

I dont look through them


Yes. I know. It's the popular thing to do right now, gettin hitched. Seems like almost everyone I know is engaged married or poppin out little ones

but really..I've never been able to keep up with trends. I'm always a little late. Liike..I didnt really catch on to the whole "thick straight bangs are NOT cool anymore" thing until freshman year of college? yes. pretty sure that went out of style in the mid nintees. Oops.

so, thats just me. I'll get there someday :) I usually do (says girl sporting the o-so-trendy side-swept bangs ..which by the way, I didnt discover until last winter)

but I mean c'mon guys.. the boy just bought a $3,000 scooter

I dont think so...

-Disclaimer- (do these go at the beginning? oh well)

This should in no way influence your opinion on my wanting to get married anytime soon. Not my decision, aand I'm not really in a hurry. Promise! I just take it as it goes man..take it as it goes..HONESTLY! its just ..odd thats all :)

what would posess me...

I mean honestly, what business do I have...writing a blog? First things first.. there is nothing interesting about my life.


Lets start with a list shall we? I love lists!

Things I am not (that might normally drive one to blog)

  • Engaged

  • Married

  • Pregnant (in the words of a wise woman " if you only knew how NOT pregnant I am!")
  • A mother

  • Out of college

  • Embarking on an exciting new career path

  • Extremely talented, looking to be discovered via the internet

  • Super-cool

and about another list ( told you.. love em)

Things that I am

  • Very Bored

  • Living in someone elses house..

  • STILL in college after 5 years

  • In looove (quiet ..)

  • Quite often overexcited about music and movies

  • VERY often stricken with heartburn (

  • Easily stressed

  • Passive

  • Often overeacting about something

  • Attempting to get through "Mrs Dalloway" for the 4th time

  • Re-reading "The Bell Jar" (also for the 4th time)

  • Obsessed with a YouTube personality ( who will remain unnamed)

  • Plotting a brilliant scheme to marry Josh Groban..and still keep the other guy

  • bored..bored reason for me to start a blog!

Well. Actually. It occured to me today that I have a problem (oh big surprise)

My problem is this..

I cannot get it out of my head that the certain charachter-building, life-changing milestones such as I mentioned before (see first list) are the only things that make life interesting, exciting, worth while.. etc..etc..etc

But really, is that true? does my real life only begin to become what I want it to be the moment I am married? Will I only understand myself fully when I get a real "grown-up" job? Maybe. but how would I know? we're not there yet folks..we may not be there for quite some time.

So..herein lies my problem. I need to stop waiting for life to start (very original Cass..very original) stop doing certain things to provoke my longing for what lies ahead, open my eyes and find keep me here. now. not there. when.

Its silly, I know. I'm quite the silly girl.

I have another topic in which I'd like to discuss....and thats irony.

maybe later..


The Future Mrs. Groban ( you just wait..)