Thursday, August 27, 2009

shameless band plug

Deas Vail: Gods humble servant

if you're a fan of the indie scene( or not )..check these guys out. they're just fantastic. very original. I love them.

they all went to college with me. So I may be a bit partial..but their talent is through the roof and I'd love them even if I didnt know them! The lead singer and his wife (she plays keyboard n sings backup) were in the music program with me. very sweet people.

(and secretly I've always been a little jealous of Laurabeth..I fun would it be to be in a band with a bunch of guys! hah.. :P)

anyway... check them out. they may be coming to your city soon!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

perfect day

I must share something with you

found here- from here

thats all. today is a lovely day! it is for so many reasons ..and no reason at all:)

Friday, August 21, 2009


I know, I know.. wishful thinking..but it sure does smell like fall today! Oh I'm so excited...I love love love fall. It makes me so takes me back to high season...pretty leaves. Sigh..

this fantastic beautiful-weather-filled weekend will include:

bike riding
night picnics
day picnics
family time
picture taking

that list makes me smile SO SO big!!

I want to go play outside. now. please?

eventually I will introduce my new surprise! really truly I will!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

jumping up and down in my chair..

I am so excited! I have something lovely to share with you!!!

but not yet:)

but its super-awesome!

heres a pretty picture to hold you over ;)

found in this post at design sponge

Monday, August 17, 2009

I may whine a bit...If I may

Today has been very...sad..nostalgic...regretful...

I miss singing lessons

(by the way this looks nothing like my beautiful and talented voice teacher...look below!)

And choir

I miss my classmates

and my professors

<- thats her!

(find santa!)

I miss my college

I miss performing

I miss waking up and actually looking forward to all the work I had to do. because I really truly loved it

I regret not getting my licence sooner

I regret not subbing for a while before I took a desk job

I am sad that I wont be meeting with Belmont people in september..

I am sad that I can't just up and leave for school

I am sad that I can't afford singing lessons- and that i dont have the ability to teach them

I feel a little like a failure today

but there's always tomorrow:) and singing along with choral music in my car on the way home..and going home to an encouraging and loving husband

yeah..everything will be ok at 6:00 ..:)

to make up for my pity party- heres a link to this beautiful man's music . oh how I love him

  • all pictures courtesy of the ATU website, except of course the marx brothers...they didn't go to tech ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lovely Quote..

Something to really dwell on and really take to heart..I think I may start filling out that Grad School Application today...I just might :)

Many people have powerful dreams. However, most don't realize that the viability of their ideal tomorrow is based on what they do today. The difference between a dream and wishful thinking is what you're doing now. Practice today what you want to be tomorrow. If you do it well enough, someday you may arrive at your dream.

- Dr. John C. Maxwell

Monday, August 3, 2009


what lovely person would like to buy me one of these??

Saturday, August 1, 2009

NieNie and Branson

happy weekend everyone!!! my weekend is family-full! Morning and afternoon with my family and then headed out to Branson MO for a weekend with my NEW family! I am very much looking forward to all the family face time I will be having!

In other news a torrential downpour just occured outside. My 80 pound dog is most likely soaked have no idea how ..happy... that makes me

Also, I discovered a blog yesterday. The NieNie diaries. Many of you may read this blog currently, but for those of you who dont. PLEASE do. She has an incredible story ..and she is one of the most high spirited and inspiring women I have ever encountered. so, please, hop on over to her blog and read a bit, or even a lot. I promise you will not be sorry. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Here is a lovely picture to go along with it :

..there goes that rain again