Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Ten Things.

This post is inspired by the lovely Annie over at Turning Pages, which was inspired by another of my favorites,  C. Jane.  Such a fantastic idea, I cannot pass it up. They both shared ten things that make their life more enjoyable, more simplified, more in-control. What a great idea! I am sure we all have these things, but really stopping to think about it, to recognize these things, and to really internalize them so that they're conscious joys, turn them into a reliable source of happiness. How cool. Seriously.

So, without further ramblings, Here is part 1 my list. ( Following suit, and due to lack of posting time, part 2 will come tomorrow!)

My favorite tea {honey ginseng} at one of my favorite places
1. My daily tea break. I am not  a coffee drinker by nature. Don't get me wrong, I love coffee, but if I don't drink it regularly, I crash. I crash hard. Tea, on the other hand, is something that I can rely on to do good by me. I even carry a few bags with me everywhere I go, just in case.
Every day, I find a minute or two, sit in quiet,  drink my tea, and contemplate my day, have a quiet conversation with God, or just think about nothing. It gives me fantastic perspective and piece of mind.


 {The beginnings of our garden the day we planted it- SO TINY!} 
2. Watering my garden.  I love the responsibility of keeping our vegetable garden alive and well.  It's one of the few "home owner chores" that I haven't really tired of yet.  I  love going out into the cool morning every morning to water them, and watering them again as soon as I get home.  Sometimes, the dogs even help :)


{Making fondu for the parents, circa 2007}
3. Planning and Cooking Dinner.  I love dinner ( or supper, as it's referred to in my family). It's my favorite part of the day, I think. And I love cooking with E.  Sometimes I get to work in the morning and immediately start thinking about what we can cook for dinner. And then the emails start - recipe swapping- ideas - discussions over what we have in the fridge, what we'd need to buy, etc, etc..these can go on all day - oh the anticipation!  Over our two years of marriage, E and I have learned to work so well together when we cook-every movement throughout the kitchen is well-choreographed. We've learned each others  strengths and weaknesses in the kitchen, and we work with it.


{thats a LOT of groceries! (via apartment therapy)}
4. Grocery Shopping. What? Is that weird?  ( am so food oriented..) Goodness, I LOVE grocery shopping! And I don't just mean picking up a few things, I mean hardcore-groceries for a week- a list a mile long- shopping.  I love the feeling of heading to the store with an empty fridge and pantry, and coming home with car  full of groceries to fill it up with! Every time I fill my fridge, I remember how blessed we are that we are able to do  this every now and then. (we're actually going on a big grocery run this weekend- I've already got the list started!)


{on the trail in our neighborhood- it goes all around town!}
5. Daily Walks.  This is not something we're awesome at, especially when its still 100 degrees at 8:00, but we have been trying to get into the habit of eating dinner AT the table (the couch is our go-to dinner spot..hopefully one day it will be the back yard instead) and then after we clean up from dinner, we leash up the dogs and go for a walk. We did this quite a bit when we lived in the apartments, but now that we have a back yard, we tend to slack off a bit.. but I think it's so important to get the dogs out of their natural habitat once and a while! They love it, and we love getting to know our neighborhood a bit better.

Stay tuned for Pt 2!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I would like to have this..please

Ok, so this may make me the biggest dork EVER. But I would proudly wear this shirt if it was ever mine to wear. Anyone want to buy it for me? anybody? anybody? well, I suppose I will wait for Christmas-time....

I also wouldn't mind this one.  It's just too cute.

Gah, NPR. What you do to me...

In other!

I rescued a bunny on Friday!  He ran into our back yard..which is not a good place for tiny animals when the giant beasts are out. SO i just had to rescue him from the wrath of my Aussies.

Well, I brought him inside whilst I made sure he was all healthy, and not abandoned ( super healthy! just lost) and then returned him safely to his natural habitat..our front yard. Thankfully, i saw his mother wandering around later that evening, so all is well in the bunny world!

I didn't get many great pictures of him, but this one definitely shows his teeny-ness!
I wish I could've kept him! but I know that wouldn't have been good for him, or my marriage (E has a thing about rabbits as pets...bad roommate experience..)  Instead I will just hope to see him occasionally hop around our neighborhood ( We live in an old neighborhood, which = lots of pretty trees, and LOTS of bunnies!).

Have a lovely, lovely wednesday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Morning!

Today is a bit dreary, but I don't mind. it at least LOOKS cooler outside, even if it isn't..

I just wanted to pop in and share the happiest little blog ever with you. seriously, its lovely.

I think this one is my favorite- so far.

This is one of my favorite things ever.

And here are a few little things that made me super happy this weekend:

Watching the sunset from our hammock in the backyard

Farmers market finds (which immediately became an incredible omelette )

and finally, the brief occasions when my hair pretends to be curly 

what are some of the little things that make you super happy?

Friday, July 22, 2011

oh, fall...( yes, I know it's July)

It's almost August.  And that means one thing..its no where NEAR the fall season in Arkansas. It's so. hot. not that I mind the heat... I really don't. I just have a major crush on fall. I have this habit of pulling out ALL of my fall decorations ( yes, I have fall decorations ), the fall candles, the fall clothing( long sleeves and boots are just soo cozy) the fall recipes...what I wouldn't give for a killer chili or stew made by my talented husband right now.  Typically, I do this prematurely. What I mean is, as soon as the air has any hint of fall in it, I'm ready for all of the above. And then, in true Arkansas fashion, its 100 degrees the next day. Oops.  Did i also mention that fall is GORGEOUS? I don't have to tell you this. Fall colors are my favorite, browns, oranges, deep reds, so happy.

So, I suppose my point is - fall is my favorite- I miss fall. And the sad thing is, fall weather never lasts around here, its ALMOST as nonexistent as spring (what's that again?)! But does that ruin fall for me? No sir, it does not! Even if the  winter weather rears its ugly head much too soon, I will still be enjoying my pumpkin pie candles, pumpkin spice latte's, and my leaf-adorned tablecloth.

Ok, confession time. Last Saturday, I HAD a pumpkin spice latte ( thank you, Kennedy Coffee) and was  immediately thrust under the spell of fall. I bought a fall scented air freshener (incidentally, the combination of this and linen is a heavenly home scent combo!) and THEn...oh, and then...I went to Hobby lobby. JUST to get pillow inserts. And guess what was gracing the "holiday" section already? Yes. fall decorations! Thanksgiving decor! ( and a bit of christmas too!) Really, Hobby Lobby?  Why are you torturing me? Jerk. Just kidding, I love you. Where else can I peruse aisles filled with Christmas Joy in OCTOBER (and I do, trust me).

My, what a ramble. 
And now, some photos from probably my favorite Fall ever. enchanting.

what's YOUR favorite season? ( yes, yes i did)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

date day, date day!

I'm so excited about our date day on Saturday, I just have to share our plans with you!

I'll start with a little background. We used to live in Fayetteville. We loved it. We thought we'd never leave.     Cue rent that was too high, a MUCH better deal in Bentonville, and then a year later finding out "dream home" Bentonville. Needless to say, we didn't go back to our beloved Fayetteville.

So now, Fayetteville is more like a fun vacation day, instead of home. which is almost sad, but it makes it a little more exciting...I suppose


here is our date day agenda!

First! we get to go to Hammontree's -which totally rocks our socks off..

Then.....HARRY POTTER at the  AMC theatre, where we used to go constantly because of the amazing weekday prices ( plus last time we saw harry potter there, the line was about  a fourth of the size as the one at Malco. Ha!)

After that, a mini grocery trip at ONF..because..well, why not?

THEN we get to go see the AMAZING Eldar Djangirov (Who I think looks a little like Shia LaBeouf..) at the WAC! He's such a cutie! and so ridiculously talented!

After that, dinner at our favorite Thai place where we had our first date nearly 6 years ago
here is my food art from our first date. I know, what the heck was I doing?

Sadly, i still do that when we go there...this is from 2008

Then, drinks at this place

And finally, a Benjamin Del Shreve Show at Georges!!

wow. that's a lot of info (and links - you're welcome.) So, i guess if you feel like stalking us on saturday, I just made that totally possible...creepy..

Anyway...sounds awesome doesn't it? I love date day.....sigh...

oh..and I wish I was back at this place today.....that'd be nice

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just some thoughts for this lovely, rainy day...

Days like today typically bring on the expected sleepy-want to curl up in bed-drink some tea-feeling. They also tend to make me a bit more introspective than usual. Hm..mother nature, your ways are intriguing.  Anyway, since the mood struck me (and these days, that is rare) I thought that I would type up a few thoughts to share with the world ( alright, with the very few people who keep track of my blog. thank you, few readers.You are appreciated )

Over the past couple of years, I have become very good at feeling sorry for myself. Sorry that I haven't found that "dream job". Sorry that I don't make enough money to eat out at fabulous restaurants on a whim, decorate my house with all the lovely things that catch my eye. Sorry that I am 26, and we are yet at "the right point" to start thinking about children. Sorry that It will probably take years to create the backyard oasis that I've been pining over ever since we signed that mortgage agreement.  Sorry for so many things that I feel are out of my control. 

Well, that's just silly. I know it's silly, you know it's silly.  So why bother feeling BOTH sorry and silly? Lame, Cassie. 

Due to my abnormally introspective demeanor today, I catch myself trying to feel sorry for all of these things all over again. However, I'm stopping myself with a little list of affirmations. *deep breath* here goes

I DO have a house. No,  a home.
I have a job  - no its not my dream job,  but it's secure, I am learning from it, and it pays well enough.
And since we're on the subject of money, I am SO thankful for what little money we do earn. It's not excessive, an sometimes it doesn't feel like enough, but it is enough.  For goodness sakes I'm only 26.
I have dreams, aspirations, goals. Enough said.
I have multiple artistic outlets that make me feel creative, and I love that.
Did I mention that I have a FANTASTIC, lovely, wonderful, handsome, sweet, and caring husband that will do anything for me, an teaches me daily the art of patience and acceptance? I do. and I love him.
I already have children. They're furry, and they like to chase birds. but they are my babies and I don't know what I would do without them.
I have a RIDICULOUSLY amazing family with tons of moms, dads, grandparents, sisters, and brothers, that bring so much joy into my life. I am blessed with such an amazing family! ( what I am trying to say is that my family rocks, and I TOTALLY lucked out with E's family!)
Most importantly I have faith. I have faith that God will always provide, that I can rely on Him to guide me, even though I can be SO stubborn. And for this reason, I love my life, I love what has been provided for me, and am so excited for what the future holds

THERE! I feel much better! don't you? Well, maybe if you make your own affirmation list, this dreary rainy day will brighten a bit. And if its not rainy where you are, well..neat. it's still a great idea:)

On another note, I am SUPER excited about our date day this Saturday!  But...that's another show!

I leave you with some pics ( because who wants to read a blog post with no eye candy? )

we'll start with a few pictures from a lovely vineyard lunch in Napa ( that toally made me want to pack up, move to Cali, and start a vineyard!)

A sweet moment I was lucky enough to witness at our local farmers market. The little boy was so intrigued by the sax player, he walked right up to him. The Sax player obliged by playing a fun little song for the sweet boy. Made my day!

My little bug bein' lazy...

A big ol' bunny hoppin through our front yard. He was kid enough to pose for me.

Our wall of shelves are finally up in the bedroom!

My new little friend - found at a local antique store. 

Have a happy Wednesday!