Thursday, August 4, 2011


Ok. so, apparently I have somehow dislocated my..ribhead? making it incredibly painful to type. sit. lay down. recline. Its incredibly NOT cool!  Ive even had a co-worker ( who just happens to be an incredible massage therapist) fix it- TWICE- and it just keeps goin' back.. Anyhoo- so so so so sorry about leaving my second post hangin' hopefully next week i will be back with a vengeance..and with a post or two about refinishing our dining room table! ( assuming i can even work on it...sigh..) In the meantime, have a lovely thursday, and an INCREDIBLE weekend!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Well, shoot

I have yet to share pt two of my list! one crazy weekend plus one majorly screwed up back and shoulder have prevented me from typin it up....hopefully it will come tomorrow! in the meantime, he's a pic of me an  mah sweet pup chillin in the pool on Saturday!