Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh my dog..

Its been almost two months since I've posted anything!! I guess I've been busy working, drooling other other peoples blogs, and being a mommy! (..puppy mommy, of course!!) but right now the pups are chillin near the open balcony door enjoying the cool air from the rain...and I'm enjoying a lovely cup of toasted rice green tea ( sounds odd..but its fantastic)

So while everyone was at peace, I thought I would pop in and say HI! And share some pictures with you ( taken, of course, with our trusty Olly cam - who we have grown very close to!)

can you guess the theme of these pics? ;)

(my two boys :) )

This is Rocko (Aka Taco, Rocko Taco, The Taconator..)

he loves car rides

and Licking his nose
and posing for the camera! He's such a cheese ball!

This is Sherlock (aka cat, reddy...but mostly I call him kitty)
he likes to prowl in the front garden of my parents house. He's very sneaky

and THIS is our newest addition, Henry! (aka bug, henrybug, poopy butt, and tinkle butt..because he goes more than a 90 year old woman..)

hes a mini austrailian shepherd/beagle mix- and hes the sweetest thing in the world (except Rocko!)

Unfortunately not all the pictures are where I want them! silly blogger..or silly google chrome..either way, enjoy and have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!