Monday, September 28, 2009

weekend pictures

Hope you had as lovely a weekend as we did!

oh..btw- please! please! tell me what you think about my new header and background!! I'm not too sure about the background..I may decide to go for something a bit more simple... I wish I knew how to make my own!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Morning Happiness

This was my breakfast

I miss it already....

by the way that's oatmeal.. apple cinnamon to be exact....and apple smoked bacon
what? it's fall - I can't help it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

for the love of books!

I love books. I always have-I love how it feels to walk through a book store, and find just the right one.
I love purchasing books - I never go to the libary..wasteful, I know-I just hate giving up something I become so attached to! plus that way I can loan it out to friends!
Recently, I've been reading more. much more. Ive discovered that eating my lunch while at work and then spending my lunch break alone at the park with a good book makes my day much,much sweeter.

So, for the love of books, I decided to share with you what is on my shelf right now-

so far this month I have read:

Very lovely book. hillarious and ironic- fairly quick read- great story line- I absolutely loved the main character and her"english major" undertones

I am two chapters away from finishing :

I'm gonna go ahead and say it- this book is bizarre..but I love it! It is just so..interesting, I cannot wait to find out what happens in the end. I am so emotionally involve with the characters its ridiculous! It's not what I expected at all when I purchased it, and not something I would typically pick out for myself -but I'm so glad I did! far anyway, I haven't finished it yet ;)

I will be picking up next week:

per my lovely sister in law's suggestion ( check out the fantastic sites she has created for the author too!) I am very excited!!

this lovely lovely book by Julie Andrews ..will eventually be finished!

If you are at all interested in biographies- or Julie Andrews..or, you know, even if you're not - it's worth pickig up -i'ts so great! I just ..haven't finished yet :-/
isn't she gorgeous?

and then there's always this treasure...

I picked this book up years ago- just because of the title and cover ( I do that too often..guilty ..) Its one of my absolute favorite books. I have read the first half dozens of times! I just havent actually read the while thing front to back! I think now is the time to do this. It really is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. A memoir written by an american man- who moves his family to Paris-its so real, and his descriptions of paris life is just gorgeous. Everytime I read it I want to immediately hop on a plane to paris. Incidently, does anyone else picture paris in black and white? I do..:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

weekend love, coffee love, quote love..

It's been a while..I know. I've been caught up in, that's not a very good excuse:) I've just been living is fun:) I had the perfect weekend complete with a beautiful sunny sunday afternoon and our first parent "thank you" dinner which was very successfull I think! why dont i just..share the menu while I'm in the mood to type !

Holder dinner menu:

numero uno :Roquefort Cheese and toasted pecan salad with apples (bride and groom cookbook! such a great resource!) the dressing was so amazing! all you you have to do is mix a 4th cup of heavy cream, some roquefort( or bleu) cheese and salt and pepper . its so stinkin awesome.. The actual recipe called for chicories- but apparently- you can't get them in NWA . go figure. no Blue plate mayonaise, no chicories. sowe replaced it with a really good Herb mix. big hit!

numero dos: a choice of my amazing -cook-of-a-husband's 15 bean soup (for our lovely lovely vegitarian mom- although enjoyed it as well! and will be again today for lunch ;) ) or his super-fantastic "work week" stew..or 5 day stew..or ..we had lots of names for it ..

numero tres- Autumn harvest cheese fondue.. oh. my . goodness. this was amazing. 3 kinds of cheese, some amber cider , cinnamon..oh i dont know what else but it rocked!

all in all it was a very successful and enjoyable lunch! Have I mentioned how much I love my new family ? they are so wonderful!!!

wow. I guess that made up for a few weeks of not posting. Lets ramble a little more !

I also discovered my new favorite coffee shop sunday morning! Ok, in all honestly Ive been aware of its existance for years- but it wasn't until recently that I realized..we live only a few blocks away from it..and I have NEVER been!

now I am addicted! I had an amazing peppered ham and..some sort of cheese crossant and a mayan mocha coffee ...oh man..I'm so excited to go back again..very soon I hope!

quote love:

I love this quote. El sent it to me at work the other day and so I stuck it in a file with a little bird..I plan on printing this out and putting it up in our bedroom- its such a good reminder.
have a lovely day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Nessie

A few pictures from my trip down south to see Abbifriend

Nessie Lesson #1. stick to well- lit places
thank goodness for thed flash :)

My old home
Abigails old home

I love this one. (I always used this restroom anyway :) )

Terrible face- beautiful place
Ahh the tea room..

Hi Abby!

thats it.  Off to Mississippi in the morning.  Horray for road trips !

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet the new member of our family!

Here it is! the big secret! ( not really that big..)

I'd like to introduce you to Nessie! My new pride and joy:)
(taken with my crappy camera work)

(I've lovingly named my nifty new holga nessie..because it seems she's inherited my scottish temper..big time!)

please dont be too harsh..this was my first roll! (after my attempt to use 35 mm..that didnt ..well we wont talk about THAT roll..

still figuring out all the ins and outs of nessie. this was untaped, untempered with, al naturale- so that I can see just where the light will leak its time to fix her up right perdy!

my favorite! Hola Bonnie!

Apparently i have a thing for trees

and its a well known fact that I collect sunsets and clouds...

I can't wait to see my next roll ! It's of my lovely weekend visit with my fabulous friend Abigail!

Does anyone have an holga photo-taking tips for me? I could use a few!!!