Saturday, August 1, 2009

NieNie and Branson

happy weekend everyone!!! my weekend is family-full! Morning and afternoon with my family and then headed out to Branson MO for a weekend with my NEW family! I am very much looking forward to all the family face time I will be having!

In other news a torrential downpour just occured outside. My 80 pound dog is most likely soaked have no idea how ..happy... that makes me

Also, I discovered a blog yesterday. The NieNie diaries. Many of you may read this blog currently, but for those of you who dont. PLEASE do. She has an incredible story ..and she is one of the most high spirited and inspiring women I have ever encountered. so, please, hop on over to her blog and read a bit, or even a lot. I promise you will not be sorry. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Here is a lovely picture to go along with it :

..there goes that rain again

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