Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally fall..

Fall is such an amazing, spiritual season - it normally is to me anyway.  Thus far, fall has proven to be a bit moody, but nonetheless beautiful and rejuvenating.   Lately I have been struggling with the art of relaxing, and just ..letting things go- letting things happen as they happen, and taking each trial as a battle to overcome.  I think I will get there..but it's a slow process

 Thats all I have for now- It's about bed time for this bonzo-gal.  Before I go, however, I would like to share a  quick glimpse into my world as of late..lovely fall colors!

hopefully it won't be another month until I am back again!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wow. its been a while..again.

It seems as though every other post for the last few months has started similarly..  What can I say? Life is busy? eh.. I suppose. I've been lazy? probably more so.  I think really its just been a long stretch of bloggers block. nothing exciting to share..nothing interesting to say.   But  blogging is such good therapy!  Maybe I will try harder.

This week has been absolutely beautiful- finally out of the 100's - the windows are wide open on this lovely Sunday morning, and the curtains are blowing in the breeze. Perfection.   It feels like fall- finally..fall. 

I am probably jumping the gun a bit, considering next week will be in the lower 90's. I don't care. My pumpkin spice and apple cider candles are out, I've switched out a few of  my more summer-esque decor with a bit of burnt orange and dark greens..and I"m contemplating putting away the shorts and tank tops.  I should probably wait..

We did a bit of painting this weekend..and I must say I am happy with the results.  Quite a while ago, I blogged about the two ugly end tables we purchased at of that nature- and what in the world could we do with them! well ...earlier this year we did something. we bought a lovely yellow paint with every intention of painting those suckers.   ...5 or 6 months later I am happy ( and a bit embarrassed) to say that we finally got around to that! the weather was right, the wind wasn't too strong, and we  needed to be productive!

Here are a few pics- they look super blurry for some reason..not enough light i guess..?

1st end table by the door with our super awesome vintage lamp (one of my favorite antique store finds!)

Here is the other end table- just a closeup.   Yes. that is a Star Wars record in the background... " The story of Star Wars" to be of my husbands prized possessions..

I think I am pretty darn happy with the way the color came out.  that doesn't meant it will stay that color forever ;)

on my next post ( you know, in a few months..) I will FINALLY post pictures of our anniversary trip to colorado! yeah. that was in june ;)

here is a preview:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Morning inspiration

Every so often I stumble across a blog that just really lifts my spirits..well, this is one of them!  I have been subscribed to her blog for a while, but her last post was so incredibly Inspiring that i just had to share! It will brighten your day. Promise.

have a lovely day!

photo taken by me with my trusty Iphone:)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh Dear, it's been a while. Again

(polaroid of a meadow we stumbled across at a local garden this weekend while out with family-isnt it lovely?)

Well, it's definitely summer! My how the definitition of summer changes when you're a "grown-up"!   Summer used to mean freedom, fun, sleeping late, staying up late, moonlit walks to the park, popsicles..slip-n-slides!! ah.. I do miss the slip-n-slides.

Now summer means...lots to do!  I think each weekend in July is "booked!"  and each weekday is filled with work...but you know, summer is still fun around here! All those booked weekends are filled with fun, friends, and wonderful family.   As  adults I feel like it's easy to pass off summer as just another season, but if we try super hard to get in touch with our kid side, every friday afternoon could feel like the last day of school! and every summer night can be treated with the same respect a 10 year old would treat it. bring on the popsicles, late night walks, swimming, bike rides, and grill-outs! its ok that i have to get up at 7 the next day :) Who knows, I may even go out and buy a where to put it at our apartment..hmm

another post coming soon....on redecorating...hopefully I actually follow through!!

have a BEAUTIFUL Monday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Puppy Face!

Monday is officially "puppy face" day! and in honor of our first puppy face day, here a few super-sweet ..puppy faces!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pretty bird

I don't know what sparked it,  but I developed an immense adoration for birds.  I have a growing collection of bird necklaces, and, you may have noticed in my previous post of my apartment, they are pretty much everywhere ( my younger sister counted over 40 birds in our apartment once last year. I can assure you..the number has grown since!) 

Yes, I mostly mean decorations involving birds, but I really do adore the little creatures in general..its so funny to think that they're always around us, sitting outside our window, in the trees, hanging out by restaurant one really seems to notice their delicate little bodies hopping around, bobbing their head back and forth..they're just so sweet looking! Maybe I'm crazy for loving them so..but to me they're a symbol of innocence and..well, peace.  I'm sure its just me..

Anyway, I was thinking of what I wanted to post next and i decided that i wanted to share some of my favorite bird art- mostly found on etsy

so here are a couple of favorites:

I am so sad that this sweet little necklace has been sold! but it's still lovely lo look at!

This adorable print is hanging in my dining room!

and these brass bluebird charms are next on my to-buy list!!

this may become a habit-more birds to come!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Little Home

Good evening friends! it is definitely past my bedtime, but I thought that since I was up, I would share with you some pictures of our little home. It is, infact, an apartment (on the 3rd floor, no less!) but nonethless it is our HOME and we love it- love in it, and fill it with lots of happiness and quite often at night, the smell of really darn good food:)  Plus we have a fantastic view of an open field with a single barn..and the sun always sets over that barn. what more could we ask for??

so here we go!

our living room:
    (our little friends in the window-they're actually from our wedding! my amazing mom made them! I know, totally tacky to have them up there with tape. but I promise, you can't see it ! and im too lazy to figure out another way....any ideas??)

Dining room:

(pieces of)the office -AKA my "craft room"/my ongoing project/my ongoing headache(!) a sweet gift from my amazing husband!:
these things don't look too pretty, but they mean a WHOLE lot to me..:)

Photo Clean-up

I am  trying to clean up the card on my poor Olly- she's about to bust with photos!! Here are a few- im not super SUPER proud of them, but they're aight..hope you enjoy?

this last one is a  SUPER mini preview of our new home-I will have a full tour up very soon!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays..

Really aren't that bad. I wish someone had told Karen Carpenter this.

(This is here for no other reason other than ..well..I adore this picture. I can't figure out why but I really do.) 

Today is a very sleepy day- not to say that I am sleeping much today, I was up just as always, walking the dog half a sleep, getting ready for my work- day ( also half a sleep at this point) yogurt and coffee..maybe that will wake me up?

Well I'm about done with my coffee ( 2 and 1/2 hours later..) and I am still seconds away from a sweet sweet rainy day nap.

Sadly I am at work :)

but it is a lovely day, the lights seem dimmer, the world outside seems much calmer...and every so often something or other in this large room makes a slight whistling noise. I am enjoying this sleepy day, even though I am not at home relaxing. I am, in fact at work- listening to lovely music and reading even lovelier blogs...drinking 2 hour old coffee.. I think I will move to green tea next.

Tonight I plan on relaxing with the pups, the boy, and some Betty ( freakin) White on SNL ( yes, we missed it...I'm not an enormous fan of SNL- but Betty White makes it worth it!!) and I cannot wait until 6:00 ..and its not even 10:30!!

Until then I will sit at work and daydream about our trip to Colorado we're taking in about a month to celebrate this

and this!

I can't believe its almost been a year!!!! I love my guy ( and all these wonderful people!!)

(side note- listening to the Sufjan Stevens Pandora station while very work..probably not the smartest idea..its so soothing!)

Edit: finally got a new blog look! what do you think?I was going for ...not busy..:)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh my dog..

Its been almost two months since I've posted anything!! I guess I've been busy working, drooling other other peoples blogs, and being a mommy! (..puppy mommy, of course!!) but right now the pups are chillin near the open balcony door enjoying the cool air from the rain...and I'm enjoying a lovely cup of toasted rice green tea ( sounds odd..but its fantastic)

So while everyone was at peace, I thought I would pop in and say HI! And share some pictures with you ( taken, of course, with our trusty Olly cam - who we have grown very close to!)

can you guess the theme of these pics? ;)

(my two boys :) )

This is Rocko (Aka Taco, Rocko Taco, The Taconator..)

he loves car rides

and Licking his nose
and posing for the camera! He's such a cheese ball!

This is Sherlock (aka cat, reddy...but mostly I call him kitty)
he likes to prowl in the front garden of my parents house. He's very sneaky

and THIS is our newest addition, Henry! (aka bug, henrybug, poopy butt, and tinkle butt..because he goes more than a 90 year old woman..)

hes a mini austrailian shepherd/beagle mix- and hes the sweetest thing in the world (except Rocko!)

Unfortunately not all the pictures are where I want them! silly blogger..or silly google chrome..either way, enjoy and have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!