Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear Husband:

Thank you for being there for me. even in the middle of the night when I cant sleep..and, of course, you can

Thank you for making me tea when you know I need it. even when i dont ask

Thank you for the thai food, and the ice cream, and the movie

Thank you for protecting me from Rocko when he feels like sitting in my lap. Considering we weigh about the same, I dont think that would turn out too well

Thank you for being so encouraging. all. the. time

Thank you for believing in me

Thank you for big hugs and forhead kisses

Thank you for your love.

I love you

And your face




Rosa said...

Your husband rocks the cashbar....Everyone loves Elliott....

Rose Red said...

That is so sweet!

I love that picture of you guys. That is such a pretty dress.

Cassie Holder said...

why thank you! It was my grandmothers wedding dress!! it's 51 years old:D

Blicious said...

awwwww so sweet! love your blog! :)