Wednesday, July 8, 2009

La vita è bella

life really is beautiful, isnt it ? from sunsets and flowers and rainstorms to fun restaurants or just sitting on the kitchen counter at home with your best friend eating leftovers..its all so very beautiful to me :)

I love my life- I am very blessed. so what if I dont have the career i want yet, so what If our kitchen is tiny and my oh-so-important mug collection doesnt quite fit in the cabinet. so what if we dont have all the money in the world. I have the most amazing family, amazing friends, a safe job, an incredible ( and handsome!) husband and a lovely place to go home to:) what else could you ask for? (except maybe a back yard for the poor taco!)

speaking of our tiny kitchen- the apartment looks wonderful!!! I must say we've done a pretty good job making it look like a home. I will post pictures soon, I promise :) in the meantime come on over! we'll make you some rice :)

for now I'll leave you with a pretty picture, a quote, and some words of the reverse order ;)


SLOW DOWN! enjoy the little time your'e walking to your car stop and look around at the trees and the flowers..the sky and the clouds..the people going about their lives..breathe deep..and I bet the rest of your walk will be wonderful:)


"I know it's only dreaming. But I reckon if you go on and act like something is real, sometimes it just believes you."

and a pretty picture:

I feel terrible but i honestly dont remember where I found this..but i love it! it looks so cozy and clean:)

update of my day!

I finally found us a dresser!!!

also..has anyone else recently been to the rogers salvation army? have you ever seen a cat in there?..just wondering

I found this medium sized beauty in the back of an antique store in rogers..$35! I have big plans for it!!
they are as follows:
1. Paint it either a grey or blue ( like in the picture)
2replace the handles
3.line the drawers
4. put dividers in the drawers
5. stuff it with clothes!!!

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