Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bonjour chaton!

last night I watched amelie...had a little reisling and blackberry cobbler...it doesnt get better than that.

This morning I'm enjoying a lovely cup of jasmine with agave nectar and pita chips...and its foggy outside....what a good morning it is!

I want. to be. HALF as lovely and gorgeous as this woman. please?

au revoir Beaux gens !

totally unrelated addition:

oh Gene..my heart is yours


Laura said...

That's so funny! I was THIS close to watching Amelie last night, but I wanted to knit (cables) so I couldn't read the subtitles (though by now I probably have it memorized!) So I watched Little Miss Sunshine instead :)

Cassie Holder said...

Wow, yesterday I think there was a bit of "Amelie" in the air everywhere! ..I'm not sure what that means. but it sounds lovely :)

Little Miss Sunshine is definitely a great alternative!

Elizabeth said...

I love this post! Amelie and Gene--two wonderful things :)

Cassie Holder said...

thanks! I thought so too :) quite wonderful!