Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend happiness, and an exciting week ahead!

This weekend was fantastic!

The boys birthday was on friday

My lovely Sister-In-Law and her equally as lovely Fiance visited for th weekened, and many fantastic family gatherings were held

we finally got ourselves a grown-up camera! It is our new pet. I named him Olly, because i'm silly like that.

we love Olly quite a bit!

Sunday morning, we had a lovely breakfast at one of our most favoritiest restaurants in town,

and from there made a completely spontaneous day trip to Eureka Springs! It was so much fun to take our new camera along and try it out while walking along the streets of Eureka, trying a few restaurants and stopping in some shops along the way, people watching ( because there are some very interesting people in Eureka...)

and we found (and purchased) THIS!

such a cool replica of "The Kiss"(artist is James Dean)! notice pete the cat, totally interrupting :) When i student taught elementary, the kids were ALL about pete the was one of their favorite song activities, so of course seeing his art all over this litle store in Eureka was so exciting for me!

It was indeed a successful outing, and we were definitely worn out by the time we got home..

Now for the exciting events taking place this week!!

Tomorrow I will not be working. Why, you ask? because I will be HERE!

oh yes...

and then, thursday, I will be rushing out the door after work and driving two hours to my Alma Mater to hear this lovely lady. She is one of the most fantastic jazz singers around today, and my absolute favorite when it comes to scat singing! such a smooth, lyrical voice..I adore her- and her new cd!!

whew..what a week..ok, time for lunch! Expect some fun Eureka Springs pics (by Olly!) quite soon..

Have a lovely day!