Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Christmas, How I love you!

First off. for those of you who actually do read my humble little blog, I thank you- and I apologize for my frequent absenses. I have not lately been inspired to post. I dont mean, however, that I have been unhappy- of course, not at all! It's Christmas time! I am never unhappy during the month of December..I can't allow it! I simply mean that although I have been loyal to all of my regular blogs, I have not felt worthy to share any of my own thoughts.

Well, today I am inspired.

Maybe it is because Christmas is a week away
Maybe it is because it's ugly christmas sweater/ potluck day at work (good news Mom, yours wasnt the ugliest!)
Maybe it's because I know I am going to be spending lots of time with family very soon
Who knows.
But everything today has lifted my spirits, inspired me to create, to be happy, and to spread that intoxicating Christmas cheer!

Today I emailed my wonderful Husband and told him I wanted my own craft room. right now my "craft room" consists of a portion of our "office" which, since we are moving soon and we have yet to put away the empty boxes that once contained our christmas decorations..has turned into more of a storage room..
Today I also decided that I want to dye my hair again
and to cut it all off
Today I want to go find fun holiday outfits and try fun holiday hairdo's
Today I want to hang with my family and watch christmas movies
Today I want to go out and buy tons more presents for my amazing Husband- because..he IS truly truly amazing..and hes way too easy to shop for..

Today I want to take a long brisk walk around town..maybe go for a sprint. The weather is perfect!

But I'll resist...with most of this (the self indulgent, expensive part). I may accidently wander into thair hair dye section at walmart...and end up with red hair ..sorry mom..I know you hate that . and the walk is definitely on tonights schedule

I think I've made up for the few weeks I havent been around...I am such a rambler!! wrap this up, here are a few christmas pictures I've collected so far

and don't forget- The best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!! SO lets all crank the christmas music in the car, roll down the window, smile at the person next to you and sing your heart out!