Monday, July 27, 2009

To do:

Here is my to do list - for the next year or so. in no particular order

1. get my teachers licence- just in case!

2. grow pretty flowers that I can cut and put in a vase whenever I fancy

3. Make my apartment more like a home for me and my best friend to enjoy

4. knit something difficult but gorgeous

5. learn not to let the mean, hateful things people do get to me

6. Quit my job for something a little

7. pay off doctor bills for GOOD

8. apply for graduate school

9. visit nashville

10. start graduate school

11. learn to be a more patient person

12. learn to RELAX

13. Love my husband more every day

14. get into a real laundry routine

15. Drink less coke and more tea

16. learn to bake

17. Do yoga every day

18. read the books I've recently purchased

19. Be more outgoing and adventurous

20. Go hiking

and I'll leave you with a lovely picture from this weekend

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