Friday, May 20, 2011

The best Pizza on earth!

Ok. I can't really say that with authority. But E and I have eaten our fair share of pizza in NWA, and this. is. it.

You are probably thinking " what the HECK are you talkin' about??"

I'm talking about this.


We discovered The Rail a few months ago - shortly after it opened. Its quirky, fun, the people who work/run the place are amazingly awesome, and the pizza is just. perfect. They even give you honey on the tables for the crust- FREE dessert anyone??

Our booth - appropriately called "table H" ...:) 

SO last night after finding a second dead bird in our back yard (more on that sad) we decided we needed to get out of the house, and have an impromptu date night. Such a good idea! But, when is date night a bad idea?

{Also, the gal that's been our waitress EVERY TIME (I think she spots us and chooses our table- we're that cool) actually remembered us last night even though we hadn't been there in over a month. Also she looks exactly like Gwenyth Paltrow. No kidding.}

THis is the Margherita   olive oil, basil, tomato,WHOLE CLOVES OF ROASTED GARLIC, fresh mozzarella . Perfection.

E enjoying {conquering?} the Wedge salad. We always order this. And it always reminds us of Modern Family"Are you kidding me??"

 The super fun outdoor patio (sadly E's allergies + about 5 million people prevented us from enjoying it last night)

Beautiful downtown Rogers.  Perfect end to our impromptu date night. There were  even musicians playing in the pavilion. *happy sigh*

ahh, date night's. they're my favorite.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, hello there.


I have officially abandoned my little blog. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that when I think to myself ' I should blog about this' I am no where near a computer, thus no blogging occurs and those thoughts and ideas..drift away. Another could be that I am easily discouraged with myself, and often think. "whats the point, no one will want to read about this"  But I have decided to give it another go - if only for my own benefit. I love reading back through my blog posts and reading about past days and adventures that I've had, or reading a "rant" and thinking " wow , I'm so silly". It's fantastic perspective. Thus, my presence here. now. Well, here we go again.

I own a house. WOAH. what? It's true! late last month we took the big jump into adulthood and tied ourselves down to a lovely little house in a sweet neighborhood. We can access the city trails from our neighborhood, we have 6 trees ( yay, trees!)  tons of birdies, and a huge back yard for the pups to play in. I should also mention that we are about  a minute and a half away from a sonic. I haven't decided if this is a good thing or a bad. My bank account says bad. I've often thought of getting a part time job there, simply to support my addiction. Darn you Sonic...

Soon (as soon as we hook up our desktop so that i can upload pictures from good ol' Olly) I will update pictures of our little home, and share a bit of what we have done to it so far  (mostly paint -LOTS  of paint) and a few plans..what we will do next (there are MANY things we would like to do) It will be fun, just wait!

Here is a quick glimpse of it via iphone loveliness.

This is actually a little poscard that our bank gave us so that we can send them to loved ones, letting them know that we have moved! How sweet is that? terrible picture though..sorry

Lets move on to  a little before and after

This is the master bedroom pre- Holder home (thats eggplant...the other two walls are an odd camel color..the room was SO dark it was depressing.

and here is an absolutely horrible picture of the color that we painted it.  It's called "Barely jade" you can't tell but its a gorgeous grey/blue  depending on the lighting in the room ( which is so lovely in the evenings )

a glimpse of our BEAUTIFUL new bed ....again...such a terrible picture

the master is one of my fa vorite rooms so far..and i will {hopefully} share more pictures very soon

and here is one of my favorite things in our bedroom. I had this custom made by the lovely, lovely  Sara from A Vintage Poster!  It makes me smile every time i see it.
It is hanging above our bed and it looks perfect there. LOVE!

Just a few more bad quality pics ...

Sunroom: The sunroom is amazing! it is an add-on, right off the kitchen, living room area- complete with gorgeous french doors! This room was a little boys bedroom. the walls were originally a very pale yellow, and very dirty...we painted it a super bright sunshiney- yellow and its such a happy room! sort of looks like a reception is about to happen in there in this pic..hmm)

and before i get too carried away,  I will leave you with probably my favorite part of the house - the back yard! Don't worry, we mowed it recently..

have a lovely day! I will {hopefully} be back soon!