Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Theres so much to be thankful for

My goodness it has been a while! I dont know where I have been...!

But there is absolutely nothing to do at work today so I believe its high time for a post

and the topic of todays!


I so love thanksgiving. I love all the family being together, helping with the cooking (I'm even making a dessert for one of my thanksgivings this year!! scary..) all the

I also love how thanksgiving marks the beginning of christmas season. Even though we were bad and put up our tree on sunday..and I've been listening to christmas music a bit when no one else is around ( shh!!) AND I watched elf this weekend...
Now i dont have to feel guilty about it! I intend to listen to christmas music from November 26th to january 1st. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban, Manheim Steamroller, Vince Guaraldi, AND Sufjan Stevens (one of THE BEST christmas compilations ever!! you must check it out if you havent)

Now that last one was a bit difficult to listen to for a while...and that comes with a story:

Last year, the saturday after Thankgsiving started so amazing. Why, you ask? it snowed! Nothing major, just some flurries on and off..and a little sleet. but it was beautiful!! It was just perfect.
And so on this particular day it snowed just a little
on and off .
all day.

snow is sneaky like that. Because no one would think that this snow would be in the least bit dangerous. nah. not this snow. its happy!

Well, friends. On this particular saturday night, we headed over to El's moms for a fantastic thanksgiving dinner. and I mean that. phoenominal ( as are all meals at the Phillips residence!) We had lots of fun, ate amazing food, listened to christmas music and got a little huskier..

and then we headed home.

As my lovely and wonderful boyfriend drove me home, I decided to stick in some sufjan to make the ride a bit more was a very peaceful drive.. still a light flurry in the air- so i say..maybe we should stay off the highway...nahhh!!

silly me

because as we drove along the highway ( going only aabout 45, mind you) holding hands and singing along to a hymn on our sufjan cd..the happy pretty snow turned a bit evil

suddenly we were skidding off the rode
flipping over
and over
and then skidding accross t he southbound lane of the highway..upside down

As I screamed I remember thinking "God please dont take him from me" because he was silent. and all i could see was the back of his head bent over..It was the most horrifying thing I had ever experienced. ever. ever. ever.

THANK GOD we both made it out alive!! I thank God ..and Nissan for building such a tough car!!! Poor little Terra...

but for the remainder of the christmas season..
I could not listen to Sufjans christmas cd
I could not drive or ride on the highway without having at least a mild panic attack
and I was super attachd ( possibly at an unhealthy level) to El... because he was almost taken from me. if he was even an inch shorter..I don't even want to think about it ..

I can now listen to Sufjan again without breaking down..or getting really nervous :)

and I am soo thankful for that!

and for my health

and for my amazing-fantastic- super cool- handsome husband that has stuck with me for 4 years even though I can be ridiculous sometimes

and for my family and their support

and for christmas movies

and christmas music

and pretty lights

and hugs

and friendly people

and fuzzy sweaters

and christmas trees

and, of course, the reason for the season!!

I am so thankful for every day He has given me, and for every one He has blessed me with!

what are YOU thankful for??

Have a FANTASTIC thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am so so so excited to say that the boy and I are finally going to celebrate one of our anniversaries in "style"! with no tv, no central heat, no phone service..and tons and tons of gorgeous mountains!

We will be staying in this lovely cabin for a couple of nights and hiking (yes in december) all around the fantastic Boston mountains!

I predict lots of cuddling by the fire, marshmallows, stew, board games and hiking. it will be fun times for sure! Happy almost 4 years Daisy! ( and 6 months of marriage!!) I love you like Chuck Norris loves roundhouse kicks!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Pictures( again!)

believe I am
forming a habit of this..I guess thats ok though:)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This morning I woke up happy. Reluctantly, but Happy. The sun was pouring through our window, the tree just outside was a gorgeous orangy-yellow color- all was right with the world

Until I began my commute to work

people wouldnt move as I merged onto the highway

The car in front of me decided to go 65 in the left lane

the cars behind me got mad. at me. and proceeded to pass

as soon as they realized they couldnt go anywhere..they squeezed between me ..and the slow car

the slow car STAYED in the left lane. despite multiple cars giving it plenty of indication that it was, in fact, not welcome in this lane

a fedex truck was coming up so fast behind me i was sure it would just run right over me

But no matter..I get to work..everything is happy and pretty again:)

until the phone rings. People are hateful already. Hateful and demanding. and Rude. and hateful. did I mention hateful?

I was upset. I turned to the best person to turn to when I'm upset.

this is what he says :

"All the more reason to be super nice to everyone. I think that's a great idea honey! I love you and it's my strong opinion that if the world is mean to you then you should be nice right back!"

oh I love him...

so thats what I will do! I will put on a big inviting smile, be as helpful as I can possibly be, and use a sweet, positive tone when I talk to people. And it will make them happier (or annoyed...but thats their own fault) and then..I will take their harshness and put it in my yucky jar. then throw it away at the end of the day

because I know...there will be more angry people on the high way tonight;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloweekend Pictures!

Don't let the description fool you..most of these pictures have nothing to do with halloween ;)