Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just some thoughts for this lovely, rainy day...

Days like today typically bring on the expected sleepy-want to curl up in bed-drink some tea-feeling. They also tend to make me a bit more introspective than usual. Hm..mother nature, your ways are intriguing.  Anyway, since the mood struck me (and these days, that is rare) I thought that I would type up a few thoughts to share with the world ( alright, with the very few people who keep track of my blog. thank you, few readers.You are appreciated )

Over the past couple of years, I have become very good at feeling sorry for myself. Sorry that I haven't found that "dream job". Sorry that I don't make enough money to eat out at fabulous restaurants on a whim, decorate my house with all the lovely things that catch my eye. Sorry that I am 26, and we are yet at "the right point" to start thinking about children. Sorry that It will probably take years to create the backyard oasis that I've been pining over ever since we signed that mortgage agreement.  Sorry for so many things that I feel are out of my control. 

Well, that's just silly. I know it's silly, you know it's silly.  So why bother feeling BOTH sorry and silly? Lame, Cassie. 

Due to my abnormally introspective demeanor today, I catch myself trying to feel sorry for all of these things all over again. However, I'm stopping myself with a little list of affirmations. *deep breath* here goes

I DO have a house. No,  a home.
I have a job  - no its not my dream job,  but it's secure, I am learning from it, and it pays well enough.
And since we're on the subject of money, I am SO thankful for what little money we do earn. It's not excessive, an sometimes it doesn't feel like enough, but it is enough.  For goodness sakes I'm only 26.
I have dreams, aspirations, goals. Enough said.
I have multiple artistic outlets that make me feel creative, and I love that.
Did I mention that I have a FANTASTIC, lovely, wonderful, handsome, sweet, and caring husband that will do anything for me, an teaches me daily the art of patience and acceptance? I do. and I love him.
I already have children. They're furry, and they like to chase birds. but they are my babies and I don't know what I would do without them.
I have a RIDICULOUSLY amazing family with tons of moms, dads, grandparents, sisters, and brothers, that bring so much joy into my life. I am blessed with such an amazing family! ( what I am trying to say is that my family rocks, and I TOTALLY lucked out with E's family!)
Most importantly I have faith. I have faith that God will always provide, that I can rely on Him to guide me, even though I can be SO stubborn. And for this reason, I love my life, I love what has been provided for me, and am so excited for what the future holds

THERE! I feel much better! don't you? Well, maybe if you make your own affirmation list, this dreary rainy day will brighten a bit. And if its not rainy where you are, well..neat. it's still a great idea:)

On another note, I am SUPER excited about our date day this Saturday!  But...that's another show!

I leave you with some pics ( because who wants to read a blog post with no eye candy? )

we'll start with a few pictures from a lovely vineyard lunch in Napa ( that toally made me want to pack up, move to Cali, and start a vineyard!)

A sweet moment I was lucky enough to witness at our local farmers market. The little boy was so intrigued by the sax player, he walked right up to him. The Sax player obliged by playing a fun little song for the sweet boy. Made my day!

My little bug bein' lazy...

A big ol' bunny hoppin through our front yard. He was kid enough to pose for me.

Our wall of shelves are finally up in the bedroom!

My new little friend - found at a local antique store. 

Have a happy Wednesday!

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