Thursday, July 14, 2011

date day, date day!

I'm so excited about our date day on Saturday, I just have to share our plans with you!

I'll start with a little background. We used to live in Fayetteville. We loved it. We thought we'd never leave.     Cue rent that was too high, a MUCH better deal in Bentonville, and then a year later finding out "dream home" Bentonville. Needless to say, we didn't go back to our beloved Fayetteville.

So now, Fayetteville is more like a fun vacation day, instead of home. which is almost sad, but it makes it a little more exciting...I suppose


here is our date day agenda!

First! we get to go to Hammontree's -which totally rocks our socks off..

Then.....HARRY POTTER at the  AMC theatre, where we used to go constantly because of the amazing weekday prices ( plus last time we saw harry potter there, the line was about  a fourth of the size as the one at Malco. Ha!)

After that, a mini grocery trip at ONF..because..well, why not?

THEN we get to go see the AMAZING Eldar Djangirov (Who I think looks a little like Shia LaBeouf..) at the WAC! He's such a cutie! and so ridiculously talented!

After that, dinner at our favorite Thai place where we had our first date nearly 6 years ago
here is my food art from our first date. I know, what the heck was I doing?

Sadly, i still do that when we go there...this is from 2008

Then, drinks at this place

And finally, a Benjamin Del Shreve Show at Georges!!

wow. that's a lot of info (and links - you're welcome.) So, i guess if you feel like stalking us on saturday, I just made that totally possible...creepy..

Anyway...sounds awesome doesn't it? I love date day.....sigh...

oh..and I wish I was back at this place today.....that'd be nice

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