Friday, July 22, 2011

oh, fall...( yes, I know it's July)

It's almost August.  And that means one thing..its no where NEAR the fall season in Arkansas. It's so. hot. not that I mind the heat... I really don't. I just have a major crush on fall. I have this habit of pulling out ALL of my fall decorations ( yes, I have fall decorations ), the fall candles, the fall clothing( long sleeves and boots are just soo cozy) the fall recipes...what I wouldn't give for a killer chili or stew made by my talented husband right now.  Typically, I do this prematurely. What I mean is, as soon as the air has any hint of fall in it, I'm ready for all of the above. And then, in true Arkansas fashion, its 100 degrees the next day. Oops.  Did i also mention that fall is GORGEOUS? I don't have to tell you this. Fall colors are my favorite, browns, oranges, deep reds, so happy.

So, I suppose my point is - fall is my favorite- I miss fall. And the sad thing is, fall weather never lasts around here, its ALMOST as nonexistent as spring (what's that again?)! But does that ruin fall for me? No sir, it does not! Even if the  winter weather rears its ugly head much too soon, I will still be enjoying my pumpkin pie candles, pumpkin spice latte's, and my leaf-adorned tablecloth.

Ok, confession time. Last Saturday, I HAD a pumpkin spice latte ( thank you, Kennedy Coffee) and was  immediately thrust under the spell of fall. I bought a fall scented air freshener (incidentally, the combination of this and linen is a heavenly home scent combo!) and THEn...oh, and then...I went to Hobby lobby. JUST to get pillow inserts. And guess what was gracing the "holiday" section already? Yes. fall decorations! Thanksgiving decor! ( and a bit of christmas too!) Really, Hobby Lobby?  Why are you torturing me? Jerk. Just kidding, I love you. Where else can I peruse aisles filled with Christmas Joy in OCTOBER (and I do, trust me).

My, what a ramble. 
And now, some photos from probably my favorite Fall ever. enchanting.

what's YOUR favorite season? ( yes, yes i did)

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