Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I would like to have this..please

Ok, so this may make me the biggest dork EVER. But I would proudly wear this shirt if it was ever mine to wear. Anyone want to buy it for me? anybody? anybody? well, I suppose I will wait for Christmas-time....

I also wouldn't mind this one.  It's just too cute.

Gah, NPR. What you do to me...

In other!

I rescued a bunny on Friday!  He ran into our back yard..which is not a good place for tiny animals when the giant beasts are out. SO i just had to rescue him from the wrath of my Aussies.

Well, I brought him inside whilst I made sure he was all healthy, and not abandoned ( super healthy! just lost) and then returned him safely to his natural habitat..our front yard. Thankfully, i saw his mother wandering around later that evening, so all is well in the bunny world!

I didn't get many great pictures of him, but this one definitely shows his teeny-ness!
I wish I could've kept him! but I know that wouldn't have been good for him, or my marriage (E has a thing about rabbits as pets...bad roommate experience..)  Instead I will just hope to see him occasionally hop around our neighborhood ( We live in an old neighborhood, which = lots of pretty trees, and LOTS of bunnies!).

Have a lovely, lovely wednesday!

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