Friday, May 20, 2011

The best Pizza on earth!

Ok. I can't really say that with authority. But E and I have eaten our fair share of pizza in NWA, and this. is. it.

You are probably thinking " what the HECK are you talkin' about??"

I'm talking about this.


We discovered The Rail a few months ago - shortly after it opened. Its quirky, fun, the people who work/run the place are amazingly awesome, and the pizza is just. perfect. They even give you honey on the tables for the crust- FREE dessert anyone??

Our booth - appropriately called "table H" ...:) 

SO last night after finding a second dead bird in our back yard (more on that sad) we decided we needed to get out of the house, and have an impromptu date night. Such a good idea! But, when is date night a bad idea?

{Also, the gal that's been our waitress EVERY TIME (I think she spots us and chooses our table- we're that cool) actually remembered us last night even though we hadn't been there in over a month. Also she looks exactly like Gwenyth Paltrow. No kidding.}

THis is the Margherita   olive oil, basil, tomato,WHOLE CLOVES OF ROASTED GARLIC, fresh mozzarella . Perfection.

E enjoying {conquering?} the Wedge salad. We always order this. And it always reminds us of Modern Family"Are you kidding me??"

 The super fun outdoor patio (sadly E's allergies + about 5 million people prevented us from enjoying it last night)

Beautiful downtown Rogers.  Perfect end to our impromptu date night. There were  even musicians playing in the pavilion. *happy sigh*

ahh, date night's. they're my favorite.


Abby said...

Well, ehm... I have to admit that The Rail website person lost points from the very beginning... unless he meant to refer to a country instead of questioning someone's appetite.

Other than that, I'm starving and this post is torture. The atmosphere looks charming. So... next time I'm in town, I get to sabotage date night. Oh, yeah.

pickle6139 said...

oh no! I didn't even see that. i may mention that next time im there. that's Elliot spelling it Hungery (because that's how it sounds!!..don't worry i stopped that) I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO SABOTAGE DATE NIGHT. please do that soon, Frin. I miss ya