Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Little Home

Good evening friends! it is definitely past my bedtime, but I thought that since I was up, I would share with you some pictures of our little home. It is, infact, an apartment (on the 3rd floor, no less!) but nonethless it is our HOME and we love it- love in it, and fill it with lots of happiness and quite often at night, the smell of really darn good food:)  Plus we have a fantastic view of an open field with a single barn..and the sun always sets over that barn. what more could we ask for??

so here we go!

our living room:
    (our little friends in the window-they're actually from our wedding! my amazing mom made them! I know, totally tacky to have them up there with tape. but I promise, you can't see it ! and im too lazy to figure out another way....any ideas??)

Dining room:

(pieces of)the office -AKA my "craft room"/my ongoing project/my ongoing headache(!) a sweet gift from my amazing husband!:
these things don't look too pretty, but they mean a WHOLE lot to me..:)


and a few more extras..

This is probably our favorite print in the apartment-a Christmas present from my lovely sister-in -law!

our forget-me-not's -these were in my wedding bouquet!

our poor hydrangia...no blooms yet, but we're hopeful!!

welp, that about does it! Hope you enjoy..i think its definitely bed time now!


Michelle Elisabeth said...

I adore your white mirror, so lovely! (and the paper cranes hanging in front of the little window? beautiful.)

Laura said...

It looks SO lovely! I can't wait to see it when we're home in June!!!!!!! xoxo

jessica kiehn said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I loooove the colors! These are totally the colors I am wanting to re-do my house in! Soft but happy and beautiful! Love it!

Cassimus T. said...

Thanks so much ladies! we really feel very much at home in our little apartment:)
The white mirror is actually from the dresser I've had since ..forever! it was my moms:) (dresser is in the bedroom-with matching nightstand)
it is one of my favorite pieces!

Olivia said...

your house is adorable!!! I love the dining room with the yellow hutch and the cute window shutters and allll the prtty things :)

thanks for the comments :) SO fun about all your wedding day stuff !!!

Punctuation Mark said...

the photo of the afternoon sun coming through the window is really nice!