Monday, May 10, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays..

Really aren't that bad. I wish someone had told Karen Carpenter this.

(This is here for no other reason other than ..well..I adore this picture. I can't figure out why but I really do.) 

Today is a very sleepy day- not to say that I am sleeping much today, I was up just as always, walking the dog half a sleep, getting ready for my work- day ( also half a sleep at this point) yogurt and coffee..maybe that will wake me up?

Well I'm about done with my coffee ( 2 and 1/2 hours later..) and I am still seconds away from a sweet sweet rainy day nap.

Sadly I am at work :)

but it is a lovely day, the lights seem dimmer, the world outside seems much calmer...and every so often something or other in this large room makes a slight whistling noise. I am enjoying this sleepy day, even though I am not at home relaxing. I am, in fact at work- listening to lovely music and reading even lovelier blogs...drinking 2 hour old coffee.. I think I will move to green tea next.

Tonight I plan on relaxing with the pups, the boy, and some Betty ( freakin) White on SNL ( yes, we missed it...I'm not an enormous fan of SNL- but Betty White makes it worth it!!) and I cannot wait until 6:00 ..and its not even 10:30!!

Until then I will sit at work and daydream about our trip to Colorado we're taking in about a month to celebrate this

and this!

I can't believe its almost been a year!!!! I love my guy ( and all these wonderful people!!)

(side note- listening to the Sufjan Stevens Pandora station while very work..probably not the smartest idea..its so soothing!)

Edit: finally got a new blog look! what do you think?I was going for ...not busy..:)

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Kristin said...

it is such a sleepy day. my two little ones are napping now, and I should probably join them...