Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wow. its been a while..again.

It seems as though every other post for the last few months has started similarly..  What can I say? Life is busy? eh.. I suppose. I've been lazy? probably more so.  I think really its just been a long stretch of bloggers block. nothing exciting to share..nothing interesting to say.   But  blogging is such good therapy!  Maybe I will try harder.

This week has been absolutely beautiful- finally out of the 100's - the windows are wide open on this lovely Sunday morning, and the curtains are blowing in the breeze. Perfection.   It feels like fall- finally..fall. 

I am probably jumping the gun a bit, considering next week will be in the lower 90's. I don't care. My pumpkin spice and apple cider candles are out, I've switched out a few of  my more summer-esque decor with a bit of burnt orange and dark greens..and I"m contemplating putting away the shorts and tank tops.  I should probably wait..

We did a bit of painting this weekend..and I must say I am happy with the results.  Quite a while ago, I blogged about the two ugly end tables we purchased at of that nature- and what in the world could we do with them! well ...earlier this year we did something. we bought a lovely yellow paint with every intention of painting those suckers.   ...5 or 6 months later I am happy ( and a bit embarrassed) to say that we finally got around to that! the weather was right, the wind wasn't too strong, and we  needed to be productive!

Here are a few pics- they look super blurry for some reason..not enough light i guess..?

1st end table by the door with our super awesome vintage lamp (one of my favorite antique store finds!)

Here is the other end table- just a closeup.   Yes. that is a Star Wars record in the background... " The story of Star Wars" to be of my husbands prized possessions..

I think I am pretty darn happy with the way the color came out.  that doesn't meant it will stay that color forever ;)

on my next post ( you know, in a few months..) I will FINALLY post pictures of our anniversary trip to colorado! yeah. that was in june ;)

here is a preview:


jessica kiehn said...

cute! the end tables turned out great! I looooove fall and am downright giggly over the weather cooling off but I am not rushing too much. Fall just means winter (bleh!) is around the corner!

Abby said...

Swwwweeet Magee. Look at you, lil Miss crafty.

Where are those pics, again?

Again. Elliot's face is just priceless.

I can't wait to see your new place... whenever that happens.