Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pretty bird

I don't know what sparked it,  but I developed an immense adoration for birds.  I have a growing collection of bird necklaces, and, you may have noticed in my previous post of my apartment, they are pretty much everywhere ( my younger sister counted over 40 birds in our apartment once last year. I can assure you..the number has grown since!) 

Yes, I mostly mean decorations involving birds, but I really do adore the little creatures in general..its so funny to think that they're always around us, sitting outside our window, in the trees, hanging out by restaurant one really seems to notice their delicate little bodies hopping around, bobbing their head back and forth..they're just so sweet looking! Maybe I'm crazy for loving them so..but to me they're a symbol of innocence and..well, peace.  I'm sure its just me..

Anyway, I was thinking of what I wanted to post next and i decided that i wanted to share some of my favorite bird art- mostly found on etsy

so here are a couple of favorites:

I am so sad that this sweet little necklace has been sold! but it's still lovely lo look at!

This adorable print is hanging in my dining room!

and these brass bluebird charms are next on my to-buy list!!

this may become a habit-more birds to come!!


jessica kiehn said...

i love birds, too. have you seen my birdie tattoo of the lovebirds, me and kevin? There is something about them that draws me in, too.
Any idea how to make prints like the french fry one on your own? I see them on etsy and love them but can't help but wonder...there's got to be a way i can make this myself!

mina said...

love that print!