Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coorporate Adventures

Just kidding. There is nothing adventurous about it ;)

last night and today I found myself humming and singing the "sit down, stand up" song. not familiar with the tune? hmm..thats odd.. I thought everyone knew it. Oh wait my bad..every child in rogers (grades k-5) knows this song. yes..thats right, I have an elementary music song stuck in my head..and the sad thing is its not really that bad. To be honest, I miss watching the children get all excited when this song starts to play..all of them laughing and jumping up and down...*sigh* I miss my Tillery days. Sure I came home exhausted most days. Sure I got sick every few weeks. Sure some of the adoreable little children frustrated me to no end. But I miss it. It was challenging, it was interseting, and it was a good use of my time.

SO . maybe teaching wouldn't be that bad. We'll see

Another song stuck my head has been " guy love" if you dont know it..look it up on youtube.

I recently discovered my ideal webpage..

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