Monday, April 13, 2009

Well folks, its monday!

Ok..I have a confession to make a "people-watcher"

I know! I can't help it though. I constantly catch myself watching other people..and embarassingly enough..when I dont catch myself, Elliot kindly points it out with a gentle( stop staring!) I don't mean to be rude! Its fascinating to watch another person..see how they react to things and to watch their different mannerisms. I try to think about how they might be feeling..what they might be thinking..which is honestly a little overwhelming.

Think about it...think about all the thoughts going through your head in a single minute..especially if you're anything like me. It's like a mad house up there sometime! and its easy to get caught up in whats going on in your own head, but to put yourself in someone elses think about their situations, their may be equally as maddening!

none of that made any sense. I know. Sorry.

my new obsession is reading blogs. Thats like..a free ticket to whats going on with other people. next time you read a blog..a newspaper or magazine article..try thinking about ..what that person might have been thinking as they wrote that..its a good perspective exercise and a good way to empathize with someone.

blah blah blah. rambling is fun

In other news..I have exactly 2 months we do the whole..marriage thing;) life is so crazy seriously moves so fast i can't keep up! I'm learing to go with it though and with the help of my fiance..I'm learning to not take things so seriously..and just..let it fall into place...change is happens..its not always bad( its usually good!!!) and as long as I keep trying to let go and let God handle things..everything will be awesome. (!!)

and i would just like to say..movies like "my fake fiance" make me sick. Lets promote the idea that getting married for stuff and then getting a divorce is TOTALLY OK!! seriously? How is that ok? I mean..I'm sure they end up falling in love and living happily ever after. not the point. Highly unlikely. very silly. a little insulting.

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