Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A post a day..

Last night I enjoyed an entire evening to myself..I cooked an amazing(ish) dinner of sauteed almond zucchini and very green chicken fajitas (recipe's will be provided at the end!!) I even watched a great movie I had never seen before!( Thanks Rosa:D) It was fantastic...but a bit lonely..hmm

That was random..


I have decided to post once a day at work..to give me something to look forward to....we'll see how long that lasts.

Tomorrow I am going to something I have never done before..


and in honor of this brave decision, I think I'll make a couple of lists( love my lists!)

I will.

Drink water

Eat fruits and veggies with at least one meal (shouldnt be too hard..)

Take the stairs (two at a time!)

go to bed early

Drink water

I will NOT.

drink coke

drink coffee

eat fast food for lunch

take the elevator for any reason

I know it doesnt seem ambitious..but for someone like myself who makes one or two sonic trips a day, eats fast food for lunch at least 4 time a week and never ever EVER drinks water..( seriously never) its pretty big. we'll see how that goes

in other news..I bought this really cool necklace yesterday

aand ...at approximately 11:10 this morning...*sigh*

my necklace turned into a lovely collection of small gold strands..

oh well. thats what I get for spending money I shouldn't spend.

Recipe's as promised

Sautee'd Zucchini


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