Monday, April 6, 2009

26 Things about me

1. I love the taste( and smell!) of garlic...on a disturbing level
2.I am getting married..soon (ish)
3.I have a fear of being "normal"
4.I once spent an entire hour singing on myself( well..except for the accompanist)
5.I hate doing nothing and "wasting time"
6.Ironically i am lazy..
7. I love feeling creative.I'm not very good at it
8. I'm not at all sarcastic. In fact.. I am very often offended by sarcasm .... ...
9. I have a tendancy to majorly freak out over anything and everything. This usually leads to a strong desire to get out of whatever it is. Later I feel very stupid for this behavior..
10. I have over 10 pairs of flip flops. I love them all.
11.I can't make decisions. I almost always second guess the ones I do make
12.I. Love. Coke.
13. I created a webpage when I was 15... a tribute webpage. About Audrey Hepburn. I know (
14.I obsess over anything and anything..but only in phases
15.I'm a compulsive Happy Hour frequenter. seriously its bad
16. I have no sense of budgeting or saving
17. My room is pink. I use to hate pink. It's also sparkly. I used to hate sparkly
18. I have a mac
19. My car is 14 years old.
20.If I had the opportunity, I would return to ATU to be a full time music student. forever
22 I am easily inspired but easily brought down
23. I love my alone time.
24. I would rather have broccoli or asparagus than a cupcake or candy. any day
25. If I could be anything would be an actress...but I can't act. or a dancer..but I can't dance
26. I love hugs!

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