Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a weekend in pictures

I really want eggy in a basket. like more than vegitables or chocolate or a basil roma from common grounds.. V for Vendetta ALWAYS makes me long for eggy in a basket..in a bad way...

maybe i'll go home at lunch and make it..

but probably not :P

This weekend we weent antique shopping. it was really fun and oddly relaxing :) I can't wait to finish decorating the apartment :) we're going to make it really clean and creative and personal..I'm really looking forward to it and to see what we come up with!

life is good. love is great. may is BUSY!
i get my hairs cut this week
star trek next week- and mothers day!!
graduation, shower, and a musical the next week
skip a week..
shower,bike ride, ball game, and singing the next week..
plus all the rest of the wedding planning in between!
*sigh* im exhausted..

its all worth it..plus I'm going to see this 70 year old man sing and shake it on stage in a couple of weeks

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