Tuesday, January 5, 2010

O Dear

My blog has gone downhill, my friends..way. way. downhill. I will attempt to fix this soon..until then..


Although I must admit the end of the Christmas season has gotten me a little down..Its always nice to see a nice clean slate in front of you..

My new years resolutions this year are:

1. Be a kinder spirit
2. Have a more productive attitude
3. Be more artistic
4. Play video games with my husband
5. Cook more

thats it. plain and simple

Have a lovely day!

1 comment:

shellbell said...

those are good, honest, authentic and true resolutions! i love the one about playing video games with your husband... i'm not much of a gamer, but i just bought my partner a ps3 for christmas, and he bought me singstar for it! right now its the only game we own, LOL!