Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Always the years between us. Always the years, always the love, always the hours"

I love this movie

No really, I do! I know what people say about it ..and yes it is a bit off..I realize that.

And yes, I do realize that I may be the only person to really truly love this movie.

I dont care. I love it. Its so beautiful..

The casting is perfect. The dialogue is fantastic. The music is haunting.

I watched this movie last night ( yes I own it..on VHS of all things) with my wonderful husband who has sat through so many movies he would NEVER choose to watch like..Rent...A Chorus Line..How to Deal..Mamma Mia..and even An Affair to Remember!!
all with very little complaining!

he really truly is an amazing man..

That wasnt my point! My point is that there is one line in the movie that I absolutely love, and I have been thinking about it all day. It may be my new motto

"You cannot find peace by avoiding life, Leonard"
It is so true
there are so many things that Nicole Kidmans character (Virginia Woolf) says that just floor me. but that one is the best by far.
And though my heart belongs to Meryl Streep in most cases, Nicole Kidman definitely steals the show in this film..She is a perfect Virginia Woolf in my book (ha).


Kristina said...

I really love that movie too... I agree - so hauntingly beautiful! So no, you're not alone. I own it also, and now just may have to watch it again this weekend!

I also really am loving Meryl Streep lately.

Atonemovie said...

Suppose you are not the only one. :)
This movie defines and haunts me all the time. I cannot keep get out of its effects but I suppose I do not even want to.
The music is a piece of perfection, though, I would really like to listen to Michael Nyman's one (you know he was attached to the project as composer but his work was turned down - rumour has it that Glass's masterpiece would have been turned down as well if there was more time to create another soundtrack).

I am really fortunate to know this movie. Whenever a recall the experience, I always think about how much this movie is about ARTS. I do not know why I feel in that way, but that is what I get from it.