Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you ever feel out of place?

I do

Every day

I don't mind, really.. I'm pretty used to it. Actually, it can be comical at times.

For example: When the Classical music station on tv(yes I do turn our hd tv at work to the classical music station..so?) starts playing one of your FAVORITE songs and you say "oh my gosh I LOVE this song.." out loud....and people give you this look like..are you serious? this is so lame..why would anyone actually "love" one of these songs? you feel a little out of place..yeah?

( in case you were wondering...it was The Young Persons guide to the Orchestra by B. Britten. I adore it- its just so fun! I can thank my music history teacher for that one)

So, I'm a music nerd.

ah...and then you comment on the amazing sunset outside..and a co-worker snidley remarks "yeah, I'm surprised you're not taking a picture of it!"

just a little out of place.

but you know what? I have a thing for sunsets, the sky in general- I find them to be absolutely breathtaking, and I like to capture them for myself, and sometimes share them with you! I dont see why thats so strange...

I also happen to have a thing for music- through the influence of my Dad, NPR, and my college experience I have a greater appreciation for things such as classical music..and yes, sometimes I do listen to it when I work out. have you ever heard Mozarts symphony no. 21 mvt. 1 through headphones? its spectacular!

this is when I begin to miss college again, and my amazing friends in the music department. they'd understand:)

Again, I dont mind too much. I just wish I had more in common with my peers sometimes...

ah well. In the meantime, as I dream of being surrounded by like-minded folks, I can be content that I have so many fantastic blogs to run to when I need some creative energy, and soon I will be back in school surrounded by artists again..

I hope this doesnt make me sound whiney..or somehow egotistical or ..something super lame like that......it's not meant to-promise!

Taken at our FAVORITE place for brunch -Gaylords...oh,now I'm hungry!


Blicious said...

hahaha...who cares!!! if it makes you happy then that's all that matters. i love being out of place. makes me feel unique! :)

Cassimus T. said...

haha, good point! Sometimes its fun to be out of place- but sometimes i just wish I could say something about something I'm interested in without getting the blank stare :)