Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 Months ago today

I was doing this

and it was so lovely!

I know 7 months isn't a milestone anniversary - but every month anniversary is special to me:) I dont know why..I just get excited and feel the need to do at least ONE special thing to commemorate the occasion

I LOVE this guy

So so so much! He is the bees knees- the best part of my day- my best friend - my infinite supply of hugs - my therapist - my comic relief - my chef - my daily reminder that I am fortunate in so many ways - my "it" and my forever and ever

( by the way, even though its practically impossible to embarrass the dear boy, he would KILL me if he knew I put this picture case you're wondering, he's watching basketball. And apparently he's really enjoying it ;) )


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Simply Mel said...

I hope this sweet love you share for one another lasts for many, many years to come!