Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A tribute and a welcome

*Side note- isnt the sight of changing leaves just absolutely magical? every fall I feel as if I'm seeing it for the first time.its so exciting! one day the view out my window is all green and the next bright oranges, browns and yellows- I love LOVE love it!

First, I want to pay tribute to my silly little LG flip phone:

Almost all the photos in the last few posts (sans sickly post) were taken with that terrible, wonderful phone (the free phone that was forced upon me when we made the indevidable switch to verizon.) There was nothing special about this thing.. but goodness did it make some impressive pictures

like this

and this

aaand this

as well as my blog header :)

Now for a welcome...

Hello you pretty little thang! welcome to the family :-D

Oh how I love my brand new shiny fancy iphone. and so far, it loves me too:)

this one is my favorite so far...

(Find the dinosaur! ;) theres a story behind it, i promise!)

this one is much more impressive if you've met my dog..he'd take lovely pictuers if he would just.sit.still...

well thats it for now, Have a lovely, fantastic day and take lots of pictures to remember it by!


{à la mode} said...

LOVE these photos! Especially the first one.

I'm so excited to meet a fellow (good) blogger from this area! Hooray!

And you went to Tech?! That is awesome... I was born in Russellvil)le, moved around a ton, and have now ended up in Bentonville (and Fayetteville three times a week for school!). Pleased to meet you :)

Anonymous said...

stunning. very amazing photography.