Thursday, October 1, 2009


reason for excitement #1: My new cd!

Tuesday night we went to target- for a couple of reasons, one was to buy the lovely lovely Imogen Heap's new cd. Sadly ( and I was very sad) it wasn't there ...even though I went to the website to confirm that yes, it was in the store! silly websites.

jump to a couple-o hours later at home- Im doing something or other in the living room, the husband is in the office "cleaing out his inbox" ( he never checks his email..or his phone...thats why he married me- personal secretary ;) KIDDING!) I go in to say hi, and he tells me to check my email- i think he's forwarded me soemthign funny or financially important. nope- he's given me an itunes gift -yep- Imogen's new cd!!

its A-MA-ZING!!! you must check it out.

reason for excitement#2


I will bring back pictures :)

plus I have tomorrow off( work saturday..only 4 hours !) so I get to go shopping for camping-y stuff!:D

..what do you need for camping? Help!

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