Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today I am facing reality: I am sick. I was in denial yesterday. but the throbbing head, sore throat, earache, coughing and constant change in temperature.. I think that equals sick

so today, since I'm stuck at work and can't climb into bed and watch silly tv shows all day... I am going post- and its going to have a theme- comfort

6 more hours and I'll be home with the guy eatin' some thai-from-a-box.. then an old movie and apple cinnamon theraflu...

then off to sleeeep

I can't wait


Catherine Anne said...

Love the photography~ We too are from Ar~

Elizabeth said...

Pictures definitely comforting. Feel better soon :)

{à la mode} said...

This post makes me super sleepy. The feather topper on my bed + down blankets sound wonderful right about now.