Thursday, October 29, 2009

My guilty pleasure

Meet my guilty pleasure
That's right. Josh Groban.
I. Love. Him.

I can't help it. ever since his first cd came out when I was in high school, I have loved him, his music..his hair :)

I remember the first time I ever heard his voice. My dad and I were in the music/movie section at Barnes and Noble, and this cd starts playing..and immediately stopped me in my tracks. At first I thought to my self..what is this, Andrea Boccelli? no...too good (no offense Bocelli fans..) It was enchanting- intoxicating- it was Alla Luce Dal Sole. I, of course, immediately purchased the cd. And listened to it non stop for months.

Mr Groban continues to make me swoon, most recently with his christmas cd and his song "Believe" from polar express( not so recent, I know...but it's ALMOST that time of year!) . I adore that song..Whenever we watch Polar Express( which is quite often after Thanksgiving)I always make El watch the credits so we can listen to it:) Sad? Yes. Neccecary? Yes.

My point is

Josh Groban guest starred on glee last month. This was before I had ever watched it.

And now- its nowhere to be found- not on, not on Hulu, not on ...I am so depressed rigiht now.

I had no idea

I'm sorry Josh. So sorry.

SO if any of you lovely ladies out there happen to have a recording of this particular episode for some CRAZY reason....PLEASE send it my way!!! I will give you my address, I will drive-even fly to your house to borrow it- I will give you a hug!

if not..I will just have to wait until season one comes out on dv..

until then..

I will continue to love Josh for his music.

"Cause I'm a rhinestone cowboy..and thats the end of it"

(if you know what I'm referring to...we have to talk..)


{à la mode} said...

Unfortunately I can't help ya out there! ;) Sorry!

And yesss, Jenny Lewis was at George's in July. Best night of my life.

Brooke Premo said...

Hi there! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog the other day. I checked your sister-in-law's blog and she is cute indeed! You have a cute blog too!