Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet the new member of our family!

Here it is! the big secret! ( not really that big..)

I'd like to introduce you to Nessie! My new pride and joy:)
(taken with my crappy camera phone..at work)

(I've lovingly named my nifty new holga nessie..because it seems she's inherited my scottish temper..big time!)

please dont be too harsh..this was my first roll! (after my attempt to use 35 mm..that didnt ..well we wont talk about THAT roll..

still figuring out all the ins and outs of nessie. this was untaped, untempered with, al naturale- so that I can see just where the light will leak in..now its time to fix her up right perdy!

my favorite! Hola Bonnie!

Apparently i have a thing for trees

and its a well known fact that I collect sunsets and clouds...

I can't wait to see my next roll ! It's of my lovely weekend visit with my fabulous friend Abigail!

Does anyone have an holga photo-taking tips for me? I could use a few!!!

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stacie and geoffrey... said...

Congratulations on your new baby!

I think I got those jackets at Urban Outfitters ages ago, I rarely wear mine because it never rains here :(