Thursday, August 27, 2009

shameless band plug

Deas Vail: Gods humble servant

if you're a fan of the indie scene( or not )..check these guys out. they're just fantastic. very original. I love them.

they all went to college with me. So I may be a bit partial..but their talent is through the roof and I'd love them even if I didnt know them! The lead singer and his wife (she plays keyboard n sings backup) were in the music program with me. very sweet people.

(and secretly I've always been a little jealous of Laurabeth..I fun would it be to be in a band with a bunch of guys! hah.. :P)

anyway... check them out. they may be coming to your city soon!

1 comment:

{à la mode} said...

YES! They're so good! My boyfriend (who's also from Russellville) introduced them to me this summer, and I'm head over heels for them. Ahhh.