Monday, September 21, 2009

weekend love, coffee love, quote love..

It's been a while..I know. I've been caught up in, that's not a very good excuse:) I've just been living is fun:) I had the perfect weekend complete with a beautiful sunny sunday afternoon and our first parent "thank you" dinner which was very successfull I think! why dont i just..share the menu while I'm in the mood to type !

Holder dinner menu:

numero uno :Roquefort Cheese and toasted pecan salad with apples (bride and groom cookbook! such a great resource!) the dressing was so amazing! all you you have to do is mix a 4th cup of heavy cream, some roquefort( or bleu) cheese and salt and pepper . its so stinkin awesome.. The actual recipe called for chicories- but apparently- you can't get them in NWA . go figure. no Blue plate mayonaise, no chicories. sowe replaced it with a really good Herb mix. big hit!

numero dos: a choice of my amazing -cook-of-a-husband's 15 bean soup (for our lovely lovely vegitarian mom- although enjoyed it as well! and will be again today for lunch ;) ) or his super-fantastic "work week" stew..or 5 day stew..or ..we had lots of names for it ..

numero tres- Autumn harvest cheese fondue.. oh. my . goodness. this was amazing. 3 kinds of cheese, some amber cider , cinnamon..oh i dont know what else but it rocked!

all in all it was a very successful and enjoyable lunch! Have I mentioned how much I love my new family ? they are so wonderful!!!

wow. I guess that made up for a few weeks of not posting. Lets ramble a little more !

I also discovered my new favorite coffee shop sunday morning! Ok, in all honestly Ive been aware of its existance for years- but it wasn't until recently that I realized..we live only a few blocks away from it..and I have NEVER been!

now I am addicted! I had an amazing peppered ham and..some sort of cheese crossant and a mayan mocha coffee ...oh man..I'm so excited to go back again..very soon I hope!

quote love:

I love this quote. El sent it to me at work the other day and so I stuck it in a file with a little bird..I plan on printing this out and putting it up in our bedroom- its such a good reminder.
have a lovely day!

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Blicious said...

What a great quote!!! love!