Monday, August 17, 2009

I may whine a bit...If I may

Today has been very...sad..nostalgic...regretful...

I miss singing lessons

(by the way this looks nothing like my beautiful and talented voice teacher...look below!)

And choir

I miss my classmates

and my professors

<- thats her!

(find santa!)

I miss my college

I miss performing

I miss waking up and actually looking forward to all the work I had to do. because I really truly loved it

I regret not getting my licence sooner

I regret not subbing for a while before I took a desk job

I am sad that I wont be meeting with Belmont people in september..

I am sad that I can't just up and leave for school

I am sad that I can't afford singing lessons- and that i dont have the ability to teach them

I feel a little like a failure today

but there's always tomorrow:) and singing along with choral music in my car on the way home..and going home to an encouraging and loving husband

yeah..everything will be ok at 6:00 ..:)

to make up for my pity party- heres a link to this beautiful man's music . oh how I love him

  • all pictures courtesy of the ATU website, except of course the marx brothers...they didn't go to tech ;)

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