Tuesday, July 1, 2008


yep. I'm being taunted. no seriously folks..
Surely its just the season...surely

but check it

a list ( yay lists!) of recent happenings taunting me about ..marriage????

  1. Knitting website update 'bout a month ago, advertising knitted wedding gifts and a conglomoration of wedding stories by knitters, knitted dresses..etc

  2. Knitting website (same week) #2 special item of the month..wedding garter thingy..honestly? weird

  3. I am introduced to this kid..as Ms Holt..he asks me ..if I'm Mrs Holders daughter..a teacher at his school

  4. Every effin time i get on facebook theres an add for an engagement ring

  5. One of those pop-up ads on facebook that has to do with ..something about you (thats on your facebook..intersets..something I dont know how they do it..) saying "congratulations on your wedding!" ...wtf..I missed something

  6. ..I say to one of my best friends "I have something important to tell you.." she says, quite passivly" you're engaged..wheres the ring?" ( I then proceeded to tell her I had given up coke)

  7. Today..browsing aimlessly through the NOVELS in Hastins..find this book about "before you get engaged" or somethign clever like that just BEGGING me to pick it up, carry it shamelessly to the register, and purchase the crap outa that sucker( until i looked at the double diget number not agreeing with my budget on the back of the book)

  8. Every freaking person I run into asks "when are you getting married???"

  9. Picked up a normal, everyday hair-cut-picker-outer-magazine..this issues special...wedding cuts!

lets see..one more ( did I mention I like even lists?)


10. The room I'm currently staying in at someone elses house has a large wooden chest at the foot of the stairs. piled high on top of it ? stacks and stacks of bridal magazines (only ONE of which is mine..actually..mine and another girls)

I dont look through them


Yes. I know. It's the popular thing to do right now, gettin hitched. Seems like almost everyone I know is engaged married or poppin out little ones

but really..I've never been able to keep up with trends. I'm always a little late. Liike..I didnt really catch on to the whole "thick straight bangs are NOT cool anymore" thing until liike...my freshman year of college? yes. pretty sure that went out of style in the mid nintees. Oops.

so, thats just me. I'll get there someday :) I usually do (says girl sporting the o-so-trendy side-swept bangs ..which by the way, I didnt discover until last winter)

but I mean c'mon guys.. the boy just bought a $3,000 scooter

I dont think so...

-Disclaimer- (do these go at the beginning? oh well)

This should in no way influence your opinion on my wanting to get married anytime soon. Not my decision, aand I'm not really in a hurry. Promise! I just take it as it goes man..take it as it goes..HONESTLY! its just ..odd thats all :)


April Pantall said...

marriage is over-rated anyway. I mean...morning breath, HELLO??!

Did you know that the average age for marriage in the u.s. for females is 25 or 26....I think you're ok.

Every around you is just silly enough to get married early so we have to spend 70 years with the person. 70 years!!!!!

Brent said...

Hey. I'm one of the authors of that book "Before You Get Engaged". If you want, send me an email through our website and I'll have someone send you a free copy (www.beforeyougetengaged.com).

Best of luck with the blog and the engagement/marriage discussion!


Cassie H. said...
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April Pantall said...

Of course blowing up things with friends is good. But....a talking robot and crazy space man is pretty cool too.

Don't worry. Theres always next year.

We'll hang out soon!