Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I won't grow up..

I am currently sitting at the desk of my new job. Yes, I currently have plenty of time to do things such as ..write on a blog I haven't even looked at in months. It's a very exciting position! Just kidding..I will soon be as busy as the rest of em up here at the U of P...but for now, I'm I really like it though, its nice, theres no cursing, no dirty jokes, no smelly bathrooms and fridges(unlike other offices ive worked in..) the people are awesome and i get to watch tv (with no sound most of the time). its great! the worst thing is this darn can be altered and re-configured in every way possible..but for some evil reason, it KILLS my back. I know I'm a wimp, but man... maybe I'm not quite used to sitting down for hours at a time but..It's very uncomfortable

not that anyone needs to hear about my chair woes

My point is, I have a grown-up (sort of ) job. And I like the fact that I have this grown-up (sort of!) job..I feel (even though I do live at home ..and I'm still technically in school. ) I will feel even more adult when I start getting paid for this and can afford things like...gas, food..maybe get my oil changed..that'll be awesome!

until then...
-Cassie Holt , Marketing Coordinator, pre-Student Services Coordinator

afterthought..I decided that my life goal is to work backstage at the WAC or with a traveling show...

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