Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what would posess me...

I mean honestly, what business do I have...writing a blog? First things first.. there is nothing interesting about my life.


Lets start with a list shall we? I love lists!

Things I am not (that might normally drive one to blog)

  • Engaged

  • Married

  • Pregnant (in the words of a wise woman " if you only knew how NOT pregnant I am!")
  • A mother

  • Out of college

  • Embarking on an exciting new career path

  • Extremely talented, looking to be discovered via the internet

  • Super-cool

and now..how about another list ( told you.. love em)

Things that I am

  • Very Bored

  • Living in someone elses house..

  • STILL in college after 5 years

  • In looove (quiet ..)

  • Quite often overexcited about music and movies

  • VERY often stricken with heartburn (like..now)

  • Easily stressed

  • Passive

  • Often overeacting about something

  • Attempting to get through "Mrs Dalloway" for the 4th time

  • Re-reading "The Bell Jar" (also for the 4th time)

  • Obsessed with a YouTube personality ( who will remain unnamed)

  • Plotting a brilliant scheme to marry Josh Groban..and still keep the other guy

  • bored..bored

Seeeee..no reason for me to start a blog!

Well. Actually. It occured to me today that I have a problem (oh big surprise)

My problem is this..

I cannot get it out of my head that the certain charachter-building, life-changing milestones such as I mentioned before (see first list) are the only things that make life interesting, exciting, worth while.. etc..etc..etc

But really, is that true? does my real life only begin to become what I want it to be the moment I am married? Will I only understand myself fully when I get a real "grown-up" job? Maybe. but how would I know? we're not there yet folks..we may not be there for quite some time.

So..herein lies my problem. I need to stop waiting for life to start (very original Cass..very original) stop doing certain things to provoke my longing for what lies ahead, open my eyes and find something..anything..to keep me here. now. not there. when.

Its silly, I know. I'm quite the silly girl.

I have another topic in which I'd like to discuss....and thats irony.

maybe later..


The Future Mrs. Groban ( you just wait..)


April Pantall said...

what would possess you to not write anything? I want to hear about Cassie's life!!!!

April Pantall said...

yay! there are words now!

anyway. I'm so happy to read your blog. You have many fun things to write about...you're cassie!!

i look forward to many thoughts and stories :)