Monday, March 30, 2009

Pointless Rambling...

This is difficult to start..I have more than one topic to "blog" about ...hmm. Let's start with lunch

1.How to enjoy eating lunch alone

don't be fooled by the title of #1. I am not going to explain how to do this. Actually quite the opposite...I'm asking you..BEGGING you to give me tips on how to enjoy this awkward silent and absolutely too-short hour in the middle of my workday.

right now my routine is..

get in my car

drive to whatever fast food restaurant i can handle that day

drive to a park

eat in my car...listen to music..stare blankly out the window

continue silence..staring...

drive back to work ( or happy hour at of my worst habits)

sit at my desk. stare blankly at the screen for another 4 hours.

good grief that makes me sad. Im not much of a sit-and-do-nothing kinda gal. I need to be busy..constantly. hate boredom. hate monotony ..

SO- if anyone has any suggestions PLEEEASE PLEASE share!

Today I did clean out my car during my lunch break..this was slightly satisfying.

2. What in the world..

am I doing with my life?? My life right now does not reflect me at all. I work in a coorporate environment where I do ..well...not much away from my computer..I spend most of my time during the week either at work or watching tv or eating...or sleeping ..

its just ..sad and frustrating. I need some sort of creative outlet..but I can't seem to get into things like knitting or reading anymore. Honestly, what I think I need is ..singing . yes. choir. voice lessons. rehearsals, sectionals, performances, tours..I miss it. like gave me a release, a feeling of self-worth to be a part of something- and the music made me happy in my heart:) Unfortuntaely i feel like i have lost access to that world here in lovely NWA. Maybe I should find a community choir..but I really...have never heard of one. I could always start one..anyone interested;)

or maybe a jazz band. I still like that idea

Anyway! I am very thankful for my job. its not difficult, its a great environment, great people, it pays well..its just not me. obviously;)

I miss these guys!

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