Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring...please come visit!

I just do not know what my deal is today. Maybe it's because it looks gorgeous outside..and yet, its still 30 degrees. Maybe it's because I stumbled upon so many lovely spring and summer garments while visiting other blogs this morning..maybe its the music I've been listen to..I dont know, but I am absolutely ITCHING for spring to be here-right now!

unfortunately the prediction of snow on friday has crushed any dreams I had left of spring coming a bit early this year. sigh. why?

oh well, the longer I wait the more glorious the first warm day will be! The day that I can bring out the skirts, flip flops and tanks will be such a fabulous day..I really cannot wait..


so ..for now, I will just look at lovely spring-like eye candy
such as

via F21

ooo, and this..

and i just cannot get over this dress...

and i absolutely adore this tank....

via Gap's hoping for a super-early spring!!!!

1 comment:

jessica kiehn said...

didn't even know you had a blog! i will follow yours now, too:)
i am SO not a winter girl.