Thursday, November 5, 2009

This morning I woke up happy. Reluctantly, but Happy. The sun was pouring through our window, the tree just outside was a gorgeous orangy-yellow color- all was right with the world

Until I began my commute to work

people wouldnt move as I merged onto the highway

The car in front of me decided to go 65 in the left lane

the cars behind me got mad. at me. and proceeded to pass

as soon as they realized they couldnt go anywhere..they squeezed between me ..and the slow car

the slow car STAYED in the left lane. despite multiple cars giving it plenty of indication that it was, in fact, not welcome in this lane

a fedex truck was coming up so fast behind me i was sure it would just run right over me

But no matter..I get to work..everything is happy and pretty again:)

until the phone rings. People are hateful already. Hateful and demanding. and Rude. and hateful. did I mention hateful?

I was upset. I turned to the best person to turn to when I'm upset.

this is what he says :

"All the more reason to be super nice to everyone. I think that's a great idea honey! I love you and it's my strong opinion that if the world is mean to you then you should be nice right back!"

oh I love him...

so thats what I will do! I will put on a big inviting smile, be as helpful as I can possibly be, and use a sweet, positive tone when I talk to people. And it will make them happier (or annoyed...but thats their own fault) and then..I will take their harshness and put it in my yucky jar. then throw it away at the end of the day

because I know...there will be more angry people on the high way tonight;)

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