Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh, to finally be a Holder

so im gonna try to write about the wedding and such but my head is killing me so ..if i sound like a gonna blame it on that:)

so I've made two realizations this morning

Being married= awesome

Being married while in Florida =super fantastically extra awesome (sigh...)

Being in "Real Land"( thanks Jon) not so awesome..

but seriously. I like my husband, hes kinda neat:) It's so fun to hang out with your best friend all the time! I think I could get used to this ;)

wedding stuff.... uhhh.lets go event by event

not as awkward as I thought!! I was always afraid that my wedding rehearsal would just be the most horrible awkward experience of my life and then I would be terrified of the actual event. But that afternoon was far from awkward.. I mean yes there were a few moments of ..seriously..but they weren't any fault of ours:) brush it off.... yeah.

I think our lack of awkward and overabundance of awesome- in general- was in large part thanks to Simon. He was freakin awesome. A stuffy officiant just wouldn't do for us. Simon fit perfectly.

Reherasal Dinner:
Oh what can I say. Magical. I loved every minute of it! the food was fantastic, the hosts were incredible and the music..sigh:)

This was my favorite moment of the entire night- oh, Moon River...:) Thanks Christy!!!! that was an amazing gift!!

another favorite is being presented with a GORGEOUS quilt made by Elliots grandmother- its sooo beautiful we were really excited! I dont have pictures of that yet..they're stuck on flikr and sadly I'm not allowed to use flikr while at work..silly coorporates:)


The ceremony was absolutely perfect. no questions, hands down. from halfway tripping all the way down the aisle, to getting to threaten El with a lightsaber. Just amazing, I had so much fun! it wasn't scary or awkward at was sweet and hillarious and Simon made it so personal , there was no pressure at all:D
Plus I had the coolest chauffer ever! yeah, its ok to be jealous ;)

in between:

Wedding Dress+Tbird+Sonic Happy Hour + New Husband= total and complete bliss :D

you can laugh if you want, but what else would i want to do after getting married? go to sonic of course! sadly we have no pictures of this..because they were taking with El's phone..which died ...but thats another story :)

very fun, very tiring, it was awesome to see everyone- and to see them dancing ;) I however tried to too much..because it scares people..and makes me look quite silly

and the worst thing that happened all day was the died on the way to the reception so we got a styrofoam cake instead :P no big deal though- i didnt even really eat any of it anyway!! :D

Post party party:

After all the craziness and being driven away in an amazing car by a very hansome chauffer (;)) we ended up back at the house for some leftovers, amazing wine, and family time :) it was really fun and a great way to end the day.

I love my new family!! they're all incredible!

Seriously, our families did so much for us the past few months, we are so grateful- I can't thank them enough for all the hard work and love they put into this!! we're so not worth it ;)

ok back to work..

Love, love

- Cassie Holder

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